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  • Summary: The Ford Focus RS

    The Ford Focus RS is at the apex of small car performance, an all-wheel drive model powered by a high-performance 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Its horsepower and torque numbers are unmatched; the RS’ industry-first drift mode serves as the exclamation point for this dominant five-door hatchback. The 2016 Ford Focus RS seats five, but is ideal for two. All models are powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired with a six-speed gearbox. The RS represents the top trim in…

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  • Arguments Against Teenage Curfew

    LIMITATION OR PROTECTION: DO CURFEW KEEP TEENS OUT OF TROUBLE? You might have found information on a signage across the street that says ‘curfew from 10pm-6am strictly enforced for minors under 18years unless guided by an adult’. What this information means is that at that specified time nobody under the specified age limit will be allowed to move on the streets. People that do break this regulation especially teenagers are always being arrested by the law enforcement agents and charged to the…

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  • My First Deer Narrative

    The race between the sunrise and myself was underway. It was five in the morning and the sun was scheduled to rise at seven. There was a thirty minute drive in the way along with an hour of hiking. Not only would this be a close race; it would be one that could decide between me, and my first deer. I had been hunting for a couple of years, but have found nothing worthy of being my first harvest buck. If you shoot a young buck, there won't be any bigger ones in the upcoming harvest. With my rifle…

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  • 'Comparing Jon Krakauer's Thumb And Everest'

    Everyone must need to accomplish a dream in order to feel like they have had a complete life. In the two memoirs, “The Devils Thumb” and “Everest”, the characters Jon Krakauer and Erik Weihenmayer, climb a mountain to accomplish their dream. Jon Krakauer deliberately tries to alter his life because he rancors it, yet Erik Weihenmayer was just circling a dream. The two characters assiduously try to climb a mountain and succeed. Both authors use unique perspectives, central ideas, tones, words,…

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  • The Thump That Bind At The Vagator Park

    It was a team event where every team had 4 members and each member had to make one figure-of-eight before giving the bike to his other team member to do the same. Yours truly also tried his hands in this competition, but my team was disqualified as the last team member had put the foot down while making the last circle. Next on list was the slowrace, a solo event where the rider had to cover a few meters on the ground, riding as slow as he or she could, without stalling the bike or putting the…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Wyoming Backcountry

    The Wyoming backcountry is stunning. There is an infinite blanket of trees in every direction. The sky has two moods either happy: blue with cotton ball clouds or angry: a stormy scary black color. The air smells like sage and pine -- fresh and crisp. July, 2015, along with 11 close friends, 2 counselors, and a trip leader I went hiking in the backcountry of Wyoming on a 6 day backpacking trip. The air smells like sage and pine -- fresh and crisp, overpowers the salty, moist smell of the other…

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  • First Time Safari Essay

    6 Tips for First Time Safari Traveler Traveling changes our lives in a huge way. Once you get the taste for traveling to far off lands and unknown places, there is no going back or stopping, even if you wanted to. Almost every person these days lives by a wish list or as we travelers like to call it - the ‘bucket list’, and going on an adventurous and once-in-lifetime African safari happens to unfailingly be a part of most bucket lists. Planning a safari isn’t like planning to backpack the…

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  • Hagm Case Study

    truck she saw two girls sitting in the truck. Martin stated she spoke briefly to the girls but does not remember what was said. Martin realized Romo was at Hangman’s house. Martin stated she went to Hangman’s house and it was very dark so she had her headlamp with her. When she got to the porch area she hears a ruckus coming from inside the house. When she looked at the other front door she saw Romo fidgeting with the handle. She confronted Romo. Romo called out is that you Bill. Martin yelled…

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  • Dialogue Essay: A Narrative Fiction

    “You know jungle juice,” Adil said, after not getting a reaction out of Michael. “They get a large container and fill it with some cheap juice or fruit punch, then pour a bottle of this stuff in it. Gets the whole room lit up for like twenty bucks. It’s the only way people can handle this stuff.” Michael picked up the bottle and spun off the cap. He then took a long belt from it with not so much as even flinching. “Whoa,” Adil said, astonished. “I guess a big guy like you does need to water it…

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  • Safetybelts Research Paper

    Every 2001 Lumina under warranty is backed with the following services: 1-800-CHEV-USA ® ( For vehicles purchased in Canada, call 1-800-268-6800) that provides in an emergency: Courtesy Transportation Free lockout assistance Free dead-battery assistance Free out-of-fuel assistance Free flat-tire change Emergency towing 2001 Chevrolet Lumina Owner's Manual Litho in U.S.A. Part Number 10300810 A First Edition © Copyright General Motors Corporation 2000 All Rights Reserved i…

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