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  • Persuasive Essay On Marijuana Legalization

    Marijuana is a federally illegal drug which is classified right along with heroin. Realistically it is less harmful than multiple legal substances. Also the addictive properties are very low when in contrast to things like alcohol and tobacco. It is crazy to think that marijuana was legal for most of history. Then they put a ban on it just like they did with alcohol except for the fact it never became legal again. Until the United States started to come to their senses and realize that marijuana…

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  • Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana

    Legalization of Marijuana If addictive substances like cigarettes and alcohol are legal, why not an herb like marijuana? Did you know the dependence rate (higher the number indicates less dependence) for nicotine is 1, for alcohol it is 4 while for marijuana it is 6? A simple cup of coffee has a dependence rate of 5 which is more addictive than marijuana (Hilts). There are so many aspects to think about when the idea of legalizing marijuana comes into question. Conversations could go on and on…

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  • Marijuana In Canada Essay

    In the last couple of years many people have been expressing their feeling that marijuana should no longer be illegal in Canada. It has been one of the most highly debated topics in Canada and recently seems like there are more people for legalization than against. Just last year in the Canadian election Justin Trudeau was elected in by the Canadian population. One of Trudeau’s goals was to legalize the use of marijuana once he became Prime Minister of the country. So have majority of…

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  • Argumentative Essay Marijuana

    Marijuana is a topic at the forefront of public discussion in our society today. Today, support for its legalization is at an all-time high. As society has become more lenient of marijuana, we have begun to know more and more about it. Currently, marijuana is classified as a schedule one drug, which places it alongside drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine. I believe medical marijuana should be nationally legalized or rescheduled. Marijuana has a light impact, produces plenty of benefits to…

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  • Social And Economic Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

    The question of whether or not marijuana should be legalized is one that is so heavily debated that it has become a guaranteed occurrence in the conversations of civilians and policy makers all over the world. Many believe that marijuana should be legalized and they bring countless arguments to validate their opinions, including the supposed health benefits and economic benefits that legalization would allow to occur. However, given the negative effects, both health wise and economically, along…

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  • Financial Benefits Of Legalizing Marijuana

    In this world there is a drug that can treat hundreds of ailments with minimal side effects and also boost local economies, but it is federally illegal. As research increases, studies have shown the incredible medical and financial qualities of marijuana. With 23 states that currently have legal medical marijuana and 11 states very close, thousands of medical patients are receiving treatment from this plant. Now, four states have legalized marijuana for recreational use (“23 Legal States”).…

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  • Six Powerful Reasons To Legalize Marijuana Analysis

    Refuting “Six powerful reasons to legalize marijuana” by Owen Poindexter from NY Times The use, sale and possession of cannabis (marijuana) in the United States are considered as a schedule I control substances and illegal under federal law. However, five states have legalized marijuana for recreational use and thirty one states for medical use only. While proponents say there are legitimate reasons for cannabis legalization, concerns remain about the marijuana’s effect on users and their…

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  • Legalization Of Marijuana (Rough Draft)

    Legalization of Marijuana (Rough Draft) For the past decade one of the biggest debates that has seemed to get everyone taking sides it the idea of the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is not something new to the American government, it has been an ongoing battle to control the seemingly harmless plant that the government deemed illegal with no justification other than we still do not know enough about the plant. It is only due to recent theories of marijuana ability to be used as a useful…

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  • Health Risks Trivialized By Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum: Article Analysis

    Whether or not marijuana should be legal has caused controversy in the United States. In her article “The Truth About Marijuana: Health Risks Trivialized” Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum focuses on the negative effects of this narcotic. On the opposite side of the argument is the Editorial Board of The New York Times. In their article, “Repeal Prohibition, Again” they give the economic reasons for legalizing marijuana. Although both The Editorial Board of The New York Times and Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum…

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  • False Positive Drug Test

    FALSE POSITIVE DRUG TEST Finite Math Professor Joy Beverly Tommy Warren 10/02/17 FALSE POSITIVE DRUG TEST Yikes, I tested positive for an illicit and illegal drug and I don’t use drugs. Can this really happen? Yes, it can happen and it has to too many innocent people. You should have received a negative result when tested for drugs, but you didn’t instead you received a positive result. This is referred to as a ‘false positive’. Understanding ‘false positive” is a…

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