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  • The Homecoming Analysis

    On the surface, The Homecoming and Mud are vastly different plays based their overall diverging themes. The Homecoming deals with power dynamics of family members, family values, and female control. Mud, on the other hand, focuses on the power dynamics between three individuals, the fear of loneliness, and escape from monotony. The endings of both plays contain different sensations, as one has a creepy ambiance, while the other leaves a depressing and tragic outlook on life. However, they both…

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  • Postmodernism Architecture

    Library from the White City to the Modern concept. Before The Harold Washington Library was built. Chicago decided to hold a design competition. “In 1988 a city-appointed jury of eleven people awarded the design of Chicago’s new main public library”. (216) Pridmore. The winners from the competition were “Hammond Beeby and Babka”.(217) Pridmore. The library was completed built in 1991. The library was named after “Harold Washington…the city 's first African American mayor.” (Library…

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  • The Social Exchange Theory

    A Fading Friend but Not Forgotten When I was a kid, I was a social and outgoing kind of person. In Kindergarten, I met a friend named Jeremy. He was anti-social, awkward, and an all-around goofball. He always made me laugh though and from that point on, we became best friends. I remember as a kid, going to his house and playing Super Nintendo with him, eating with his family, sharing birthdays, and watching Power Rangers. Both of our fathers have disabilities. My father was hit by a drunk…

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  • The British Empire: The Suez Canal

    The British Empire is often described as the largest formal empire at its peak in terms of its massive expansion of authority and far-reaching influence all over the world, as is evident from its territory comprised of more than a quarter of the land area of the globe. The Suez Canal which was opened in 1869 hugely contributed to maintain the empire by providing a shorter link to the sea between Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. Its geo-strategic importance is illustrated in the comment of…

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  • Soldiers Home Hemingway Analysis

    exactly does the title mean and what the soldier is and what the soldier has become. Hemingway portrays a setting in which the soldier is trapped and no longer can escape due to past experiences and drastic changes in his life. Harold Krebs also referred to as “Hare”, “Harold”, and “Krebs” is a hard fighting solider who fought for his country and now is suffering after coming home. He who served for his country out of bravery now has become this creature that can’t leave his past wounds and…

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  • Symbolism In The Metamorphosis By Kafka

    In The Metamorphosis, a novel by Franz Kafka, the protagonist Gregor Samsa Wakes up to realize he is an insect. The tragedy of a working man that maintains his family and that later turns into a useless insect can symbolize the typical male figures worst nightmare, being unable to support his family financially. The figure of an insect can symbolize a similar “disease” that the protagonist on “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman was suffering from. In the “Gender and Pathology In…

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  • Harold And Maude Analysis

    settled on the new romantic comedy Harold and Maude by director Hal Ashby. What better than a romantic comedy on date night, two quirky, upbeat, individuals who fall in love through adversity and live happily ever after; all while getting a few laughs along the way. Like most couples you may not say much during the viewing but as soon as you walk out of the theater you want to say the first thing that comes to mind about the film. What would have been your response to Harold and Maude back in…

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  • Waiting For Godot Eclectic Theatre Essay

    “Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It's awful.” This quote extracted from Waiting for Godot, an absurdist play by Samuel Beckett that premiered on 5 January 1953, holds the essence of absurdist theatre and what its playwrights seek to express- the inescapable meaningless and futility of life. The origins of absurdist theatre are commonly linked to the avant-garde experimentations of the 19th century, but there has been speculation that there were traces of absurdist theatre in works…

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  • Value Of Life In Harold And Maude

    value of life in Harold and Maude The movie, Harold and Maude, released in 1971, is directed by Hal Ashby and written by Colin Higgins. It talks about a young man, Harold, who is fascinated by the world of death. He simulates suicide, drives in a hearse and goes to the funeral as a hobby. He meets Maude in a funeral. She is an energetic old lady full of life. They had a romantic adventure together until Maude commits suicide on her 80th birthday. Through Maude’s influence, Harold loses his…

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  • Tap Dance Essay

    Savion Glover and George Wolfe, in Bring In Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk, use tap dance to evoke historical tap figures in differing ways of making a particular statement on their view of African American tap artistry. The musical traces the history of “the beat” through its origins in Africa, into America through the slave trade, and finally the different forms it took through American history. In the show, the two satirical sequences and Savion’s solo come in the second act, which begins with a…

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