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  • Flip Flop Case Study

    1.1 Memory and its relevance to D flip flop Memory is an electronic data storage device which is usually implemented on a semiconductor based integrated circuit. The basic operations accomplished by a memory chip are READ in which the data contents of a memory is read out and WRITE in which data is stored in a memory. Each bit of information bits is stored in memory cell consisting of one or more transistors. The most basic such memory unit which stores 1 bit of data is the D flip flop. High…

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  • Soft Science Escapism In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    The literary world is now teeming with new combinations and types of genres. So many, that it can be hard to differentiate and properly categorize books because there is not a clear distinction of the characteristics of these genres. Also, it can be a little overwhelming when deciding what book to read because the standards are not always evidently expressed. In order to make it easier for people to understand, I took it upon myself to review a classic that is not only critically acclaimed, but…

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  • Essay On Magnetoelectric Nanostructures

    has to be denser in order to improve capacity. Magnetoelectric nanostructures is the new material that researchers within the discourse community have been studying to improve the capacity of random access memory. Ultra-high density disk drives are hard disk drives that store information on a computer. Like random access memory, there is a necessity within the technology industry to make ultra-high density disk drives. Companies from multinationals to small businesses store all their information…

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  • The Importance Of A Computer

    to your hard drive or another nonvolatile storage device such as an external hard drive. It is simplest to say the computer’s primary device for permanent storage is the internal hard drive, and it can hold large capacities of data. There are several types of external hard drives that offer storage, but are located outside of the computer system. They connect to the computer through a USB port. The number one reason people use external hard drives are to back up data from the internal hard…

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  • CPU – Central Processing Unit Analysis

    Essentially if a user was to purchase a HDD they would come across Dell, Seagate and Western Digital that are superior manufactures for promoting hard drives. Moving on, the ranges of sizes that HDDs comprise of are:1TBs through to 3TBs that are satisfactory/default in today’s personal computer systems by companies for multi-purpose. Looking at the performance of disc drives the RPM range from 5…

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  • Hardware And Software Components Analysis

    motherboard might have the same features as a standard ATX motherboard. BIOS: BIOS is a set of computer instructions in firmware which controls input and output operations (Basic Input Output Systems).The BIOS will make sure that all the other chips, hard drives, ports and cPU function together. There are two different types of…

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  • Characteristics Of A Computer Mouse

    What is a Computer Mouse? A computer mouse is a small hand-operated input device used to manipulate objects on a computer screen. It controls the movement of the arrow shown on the computer screen. The computer mouse was invented in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart. It was meant to make navigation through the computer easier. The mouse mirrors the movement of the arrow on the computer screen. The computer mouse got its name from its looks. The early version of the computer mouse was a small semicircle…

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  • Industrial Designer Research Paper

    When you buy a new toy or piece of furniture, the process of creating and producing the item is longer than you may think. From sketching to making a three dimensional layout on the computer, industrial designers use many diverse skills to create everyday products. As mentioned in the skills and abilities section of O*NET OnLine, industrial designers “develop and design manufactured products, such as cars, home appliances, and children's toys. Combine artistic talent with research on product use…

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  • Challenges In Forensic Investigations

    of modern technology, digital forensic experts are facing a number of data sources that they need and rely on to acquire valuable information for their investigations. Data sources can come from different forms and areas such as: personal computer, hard drives, network logs, social networking sites, mobile devices. These sources can contain a vast amount of data. Hence, they lead up to many challenges in acquiring the data. For example, just in mobile devices category, there are multiple types…

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  • Optical Disk Storage Case Study

    Q1.Explain how the optical disk storage facility operates? Optical disk storage is an advancement of the floppy disk. The optical disk storage also called optical media is shinny and both recording surfaces are protected by two plastic plates which make it less exposed to dust and contamination. Unlike the floppy disks that store up to 1.44 of data, optical disks storages can store up to 650MB of data. They are 5.25 inches (12cm) and have a high storage density. Optical disks storage uses a high…

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