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  • Attitudinal Daoism I: Anarchism

    The Origins of Daoism It is explained in three different theories listed below. Attitudinal Daoism I: Anarchism Attitudinal Daoism II: Authoritarian Intuitionism Pre-Laozi Daoist Theory Much of the thrust of Daoism, as we have seen, naturally motivates a reaction against the moralistic and elitist inclinations of Confucianism. Confucianism stood for a rigid, detailed, traditional pattern of hierarchical social behavior. Duties were assigned to all of one's social roles—and a person typically…

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  • Silk Roads Dbq

    Silk Road from 200 B.C.E. to 1450 C.E. served an extremely important role for the economics of Asia and Europe because it connected empires from the east to the west. While the trade first created for the purpose of trading between Romans Empires and Han Dynasty. Over time, the Silk Road expanded from trading purpose to the spreading of cultures, religions, technology, and as well as epidemic diseases such as the Bubonic Plague. However, goods, and merchants were still traveled along the Silk…

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  • Racism In 1800s

    Racism is a clear reality in our society that affects all people. In the 1800s, the United States gained thousands of Chinese immigrants looking for work. These immigrants fought a long, hard fight against discrimination. Life for them during this time period was cruel and dangerous because white Americans didn’t want them there. White American men felt threatened by the Chinese immigrants because they believed they were the cause of their salaries being cut. Also they felt that Chinese…

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  • Summary Of Christina Garcia's Monkey Hunting

    Latin America is distinguished by its incredible supply of natural resources as well as an immensely rich and extensive geography, and as a result of rapid economic growth around the world, the continent was invaluable to investors in the nineteenth century. However, production of goods required immense labour, so as would be expected of the time, slaves were put to work. Working alongside slaves, as had happened similarly in other regions of the Americas, South America also employed thousands…

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  • Similarities Between Ancient China And Rome

    to prove your worth to become someone high-ranking, but that didn’t mean everyone was fair about it and didn’t cheat their way in if they could. Both civilizations were impartial when it came to a certain religion in laws. Ancient China, during the Han Dynasty, was more philosophical. They had customs that you should follow and morals that were important, but no laws. In Rome it was similar. Religion was a private concern of families. They were practical about it, and only had a set of customs…

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  • The Lorax: An Argument Of Pollution

    Tera, I could not agree with you more. In order to address a problem, we must first recognize that there is a problem. In this case it seems like the Chinese government just wants to turn a blind eye to the poor air quality. In my opinion it is because this problem has spiraled so far out of control that they know it will take a lot of money, man power, and research to correct the problem. Your suggestions on how to address the problem, I think are all excellent ideas and feasible. Clean…

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  • Comparing Two Empires

    Middle East, China, and Africa were great civilizations during their time, having some differences and similarities within their empires. This time period had many civilizations that came to life, but few managed to stay afloat which is what these civilizations managed to do. They all had many great achievements that throughout time others have built upon. These three civilizations created a path for others to follow or to break from. They all helped open a gateway for many new and great…

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  • Qin Dynasty Leaders

    As the concept of traveling advisors started and developed throughout the warring states period and into the Qin Dynasty, the manner in which each states’ “kings” made their decisions also evolved. The system of traveling advisors itself to multiple kings falling due to the fierce weight of influence each advisor had on their respective kings. While the fall of states under Qin power may be credited to weak militaries or poor leadership, the key players especially when Qin Dynasty began, the…

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  • Chinese Exclusion Act Of 1882 Analysis

    The factors that contributed to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 were that working class of America were afraid that the Chinese would lower pay rates and end up taking their jobs as the time goes on. As the script of "The Chinese Must Go" say "Chinaman plenty work, plenty money, plenty to eat. Whiteman no work, no money, die- sabee?" This says that the Chinese have work and that supplies them with money and food, but the Whiteman has nothing and will die. Showing that the Chinese are trying…

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  • What Is The Cause Of The Han Dynasty

    Background information on the Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty reigned from 202 B.C.E to 221 C.E. The first ruler of the Han Dynasty was Han Gaozu. IV. The Establishment of the Han Dynasty In the beginning Emperor Han didn’t use any of the policies from the Qin dynasty. As time went on the policies of the Qin dynasty began to be integrated. The Han Dynasty used the Qin Dynasty idea of tripartite division to divide the central government into civilian, military authorities, and censorate. V.…

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