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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Chinatown

    My family and I decided to tour Chinatown on our trip to Chicago. After setting down at the hotel that we were staying for the night, it was time to go to Chinatown. My parents, my youngest brother, David, and I went to Chinatown. My other two brothers didn’t want to come with us, so they stayed back at the hotel. I was pretty angry at them for not spending time with the family, but can’t force them to do what I want them to. The drive to Chinatown was about 20 minutes away from the hotel. The…

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  • The Great Wall Of China Essay

    Throughout the past 20 centuries the advancement of technology especially buildings have been far beyond anyone 's belief. Yes, structures like skyscrapers to even The White House are marvelous works of architectural geniousness, however one that stands among these magnificent structures is The Great Wall of China. The starting point for this goliath is around 476 BC - 221 BC. And it got finished around 206 B.C. Even being built over 1900 years ago it would be just as impressive if it was built…

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  • Wu Zetian's Rise To Power

    The ideal of Modern society is that the value of an individual is to be determined by what they contribute to society, irrespective of their socioeconomic background. Parallels can be drawn between this philosophy with the Marxist ideal of “ each according to his ability” . Yet, whilst this may be the perspective that society wishes to be true, the reality is that those natural factors intrinsically affect how certain actions of an individual are perceived. One such factor where the evaluation…

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  • Thanksgiving In China

    Not one country has the same customs and cultures as another. The world is very diverse in the sense that there are so many different people that come from all over. During the interview process, I learned many things about China’s special foods, the role of women in society, family life and their educational system. The first thing that Li and I talked about is foods, because each culture has special food. Talking about the special foods in China, Li mentioned that, “they do not celebrate…

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  • One China Summary

    To the government of the People 's Republic of China (PRC), any negotiation with Taiwanese government was allowable expect the independence of Taiwan. One china, the idea that Taiwan was a territory rightfully belonging to China, served as the baseline attitude of the PRC. However, the concept of One China became continuously ambiguous in recent years especially when Taiwanese formed their own cultural, political system and understanding about Chinese nationalism. However, the PRC government…

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  • Religion In The Tang Dynasty

    Religion in the Tang Dynasty During the Tang Dynasty in China, several religious and philosophical ideas heavily influenced the government and how it was run. More specifically, there were three major religions that affected country politics: Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Each of these three religions had conflicting ideals that were reflected in class distinctions. Buddhism was the religion of the rural folk and it focused on how the good and bad deeds in one’s life affected their…

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  • Anti Chinese Immigration

    When a group of certain people immigrate to the United States they are usually faced with hardship and discrimination. These people are trying to escape discrimination back in their home country, or are trying to leave their country because the economic and/or political conditions are unstable or unfair. There are two specific groups of people that immigrated to the United States in two very distinct waves, the Chinese immigrants and the Irish immigrants. Both immigrant groups suffered hardships…

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  • Chopsticks: The Invention Of Gunpowder

    And I find chopsticks frankly distressing. Am I alone in thinking it odd that a people ingenious enough to invent paper, gunpowder, kites and any number of other useful objects, and who have a noble history extending back 3,000 years haven't yet worked out that a pair of knitting needles is no way to capture food?" (Gunpowder quotes), this quote talks about how the Chinese made many great inventions like gunpowder. Gunpowder is very important because it created a weapon of mass destruction that…

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  • Emperor Qianlong: Son Of Heaven, Man Of The World

    Emperor Qianlong who contributed in building the foundation of modern China is the main source and theme in Mark C. Elliott’s work of ‘Emperor Qianlong: Son of Heaven, Man of the World’. Qianlong ruled for 64 years, increasing not only China’s population but also its territory. The cities flourished through manufactures and trades of tea, porcelain, and silk. Emperor Qianlong presided over imperial China’s last golden epoch creating the geographic and demographic framework of modern China.…

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  • Chinese Exclusion Summary

    During Manifest Destiny, the relationship between the United States government and settlers and the Chinese immigrants In the Chinese and American conflict.he Chinese-American immigrants, rather than the American government and settlers, were correct in their actions. Firstly, when the Exclusion Act of 1882 was passed, the Chinese people were restricted from entering and immigrating to the United States. In Some Reasons for Chinese Exclusion, the Federation of Labor argued that “American labor…

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