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  • Hank Aaron: A Great Baseball Player

    Hank Aaron By: Landon Hale 3/6 /17 “I never wanted them to forget Babe Ruth. I just wanted them to remember Hank Aaron,” Hank announced as he received his Hall of Fame award. Leading the Milwaukee Braves to their first World Series Championship in 1957 Hank Aaron was their leading hitter with a .322 batting average. Hank Aaron did not want to replace all the great baseball players like Babe Ruth and Moses Fleetwood Walker also known as Jackie Robinson. He just wanted…

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  • Differences Between Baseball And Football

    The difference between baseball and football, that is a great question, first, they are not even spelled the same. The only thing I can see that is similar is that they both have the word “ball” in the spelling. Baseball seems to make sense by the spelling; it is a game with the involvement of bases. Football, by the spelling seems to be a game that involves your feet, which we all know is not the case, but seems ironic because most games are won by a field goal. A field goal is when the team…

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  • Forrest Gump Intellectual Disability Analysis

    Movie Project: Forrest Gump Forrest Gump, a southerner who suffers from an Intellectual Disability, is an excellent example of how perceptions do matter. Gump himself is actually telling his own story in this film. For over half of the movie, he is reflecting on the events of his life to strangers on a bus bench before he reunites with his childhood friend, Jenny. Throughout the film, Forrest Gump talked to four different strangers at this bus stop and he explained his life story to them all.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Cast Away

    Do you know Tom Hanks? He has been a few famous movies, some of them based upon true stories. Cast Away is not. But how about Apollo 13-leaking 02 Cast Away- crash landed stranded on Island Terminal -living inside an airport w/no money. Captain Phillips-Cargo ship Maersk Alabama hijacked by Somali pirates, Sully- US Airways Jan2009 LGA-Charlotte… Somehow in all of these movies Tom Hanks is able to survive, escape, to move on in life. Amazing stories, amazing skills, an amazing story to…

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  • Bridge Of Spy Movie Analysis

    However, Bridge of Spies is not only showing us the historical facts but also the another side of war. There was some form of friendship that was built between Abel and Donovan which was unacceptable at that time. And with the great names such as Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance, they portraited a nice picture inside of the hateness of Cold…

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  • Saving Private Ryan

    In saving Private Ryan created by Ryan Rodat, directed by Steven Steinberg was produced in 1998. In the movie Saving Private Ryan, the story wraps around a young man named James Ryan who is one of the many soldiers who participated in D-day during World War Two. Ryan is the youngest of four brother however, his three older brothers have died in the war so, one day in the mailing office, a woman takes notice when she starts writing the 4th notification letter about the disappearance of James Ryan…

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  • Tom Hanks 'Realism In The Movie Forrest Gump'

    The Forrest Gump is a 1994 movie and it is played by Tom Hanks. This movie is about the life of Forrest Gump from Alabama, who is unintelligent and naive, but he is a nice guy and very athletic, who witnesses some events of the 20th century in the United States. Through the movie’s entirety, outstanding performances from various award winning actors give this film’s involved and interesting plot a sense of realism that is far superior to that of other dramatic movies. Although many people think…

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  • Life Is Beautiful Film Analysis

    A Jewish father with his wife and son are trapped between the appalling situations of discrimination and fall of a race. La vita è bella (Original title: Life is Beautiful) will certainly leave you in awe once you finish the film. According to IMDB (n.d.), it lavished prestigious awards including three Oscars (1999), one from the Cannes Film Festival (1998), four Italian Golden Globes (1998) and one Grammy Award (2000). The Italian film was directed by Roberto Benigni and was released on 20th…

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  • Shawshank Redemption Vs Forrest Gump

    Gump” release date July 6, 1994. An overwhelming adventure looking over years of American history through the optics of the highly charismatic simpleton Forrest Gump. Forest Gump is an incredible movie directed by Robert Zemeckis. The Film Stars Tom Hanks which won Tom an academy award for best actor for the second year in a row, Forrest Gump also won best picture in 1995, the movie has won six awards and been nominated thirteen times. It was competing with Pulp Fiction and Shawshank…

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  • Windtalkers Movie Analysis

    3.2. A study of Native American troops in war movies. Windtalkers (2002) by Chinese film director John Woo is an excellent example of a clichéd war movie with its authentic looking war scenes, non-stop action and heroic American soldiers. Marine Stg. Joe Enders (Nicolas Cage), during the mission on Soloman Islands, loses all his troops. He receives the medal but still suffers from emotional problems and he feels guilty. There are two Native American characters: Private Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach)…

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