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  • Pollution In China

    China’s pollution problem can be attributed to many different structures that exist within the country. These structures make the issue extremely difficult to resolve and address; these structures are political, economic, and social. Politically, extortion and bribery is rampant in the Chinese government, this leads to money exceeding the needs of people. Economically, China is one of the top locations for companies to outsource production; as a result, China has no control over the emissions…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Panama

    a canal, and that also gave sovereignty to the U.S over a strip of land on either side of the structure. Between 1904 and 1914 the canal was built, and for 63 years the U.S maintained control of it. In 1977 it was officially transferred to Panama. Hans Morgenthau describes international politics as a struggle…

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  • Gender Inequality And Occupational Segregation

    Over the two decades, women’s economic activity has been rose significantly. The gradually increase in women’s social status through their participation in the labor marker has marked a milestone in the history of women. Yet, the women participation rate in employment implies a contradiction towards the gender ideology and occupational segregation. The issue of gender ideology and occupational segregation can be seen as a cause-and-effect that may lead to work and family conflict. Specifically…

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  • The Importance Of Chinese Food In CNY

    There are a wide variety of food that are significant to Chinese New Year (CNY). The foods served on CNY is a combination of symbols and sumptuous flavours. The dishes served during CNY suggests wealth, luck and splendour by the way of their appearance or because they rhyme with certain auspicious Chinese words. Proportions are generous as customs dictates that one should not be stint at the festive table as abundance brings luck. (Moey, 2006, p. 10) Before I started writing, I interviewed two…

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  • Stock Ownership Culture

    3) Does ownership culture necessarily require stock ownership by employees? There are so many different cultures and the ways people work is very different too. When talking about ownership culture and its incentives, stock ownership might mean a lot to employees in one country but nothing in another. Without a doubt, employee stock ownership increases motivation, performance, ability to solve problems, increases hard work, and etc. But does this apply to any employee? No, in some countries…

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  • Ferrrero Case Study

    When a food manufacturer wants to go global, it has to deal with cross-cultural differences since tastes and tradition are not homogeneous worldwide. Chocolate has been considered as an exotic product to Chinese consumers up until 1970’s. Therefore, Ferrero Group providing confectionery and chocolate brands has to deal with some issues regarding Chinese consumers tastes and food habits. However as consumers continue to adopt westernized consumption habits, the chocolate market in China is…

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  • Cultural Differences: Chinese Vs. Western Culture

    4. Cultural Differences: Chinese vs. Western The biggest mistake you can make dealing with foreigners is to think that everybody in the world is the same as you are and also that they see and understand things the same way as you do! The Chinese name for their country is “Middle Kingdom” as in the old times they considered themselves the center of the world, and thousands of years of such thinking do not go wasted for a nation. The Chinese Concepts of Face and Harmony. The Chinese are…

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  • Individualism In The White Tiger

    MAJOR THEMES IN THE NOVEL Individualism A white tiger symbolizes power and majesty in East Asian cultures, such as in China and Japan. It is also a symbol for individualism and uniqueness. Balram is seen as different from those he grew up with. He is the one who got out of the “Darkness” and found his way into the “Light”. Throughout the book, there are references to how Balram is very different from those back in his home environment. He is referred to as the “White Tiger” Freedom In an…

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  • Electrolux Case Study

    Abstract The paper analyses the competitiveness of Electrolux as a multinational corporation. There are reasons that make the company to be fit for competition with the local Chinese manufacturers of home appliances. The paper also discusses how Electrolux is influenced by the resource based view in its strategy. In view of Porters four generic strategies, Electrolux would be much safer with cost leadership strategy and differentiation. The company has shown leaning towards making itself…

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  • The Similarities And Dissimilarities Between Finland And The United Kingdom

    Some countries are vastly different. From architecture to greetings, people around the world have built their cultures and societies around the geography, resources available, and themselves. While some powerful nations, such as the United States and China, can differ in nearly every way, in the Western world contrast between the countries becomes minor. This essay will explore the similarities and dissimilarities between Finland and the United Kingdom from interactionist and postmodernist…

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