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  • Belshazzar's Influence On Israel

    known as, Belshazzar defiled items that belonged to the holy temple, they were drinking wine out of the goblets. God sent a warning to Belshazzar: A hand appeared and wrote a message on the wall., Daniel had to interpret the riddle. The interpretation was read as,” Mene, Tekel, Parsin. “Warning of Judgement: Belshazzar king kingdom would be divided between, Persian, Medes, and the prophecy will be fulfilled every night.” (FN) God had to deal with the disobedience of this leader and show his…

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  • What Is The Role Of God In The Book Of Genesis

    In the beginning was the genesis of creation, where had God moved by his spirit to create the Heavens, Earth, and mankind for a companionship with one of his own image. God wanted a relationship based on freewill for the product of true love. But the free will of mankind resulted in the fall from the grace of God. Because of God’s love, we can see the movement of God throughout history to reconcile the relationship between God and mankind back into right standing. The movement shows a trajectory…

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  • The Influence Of Entertainment In America

    He decided to take his life. When he did, he left a note saying “I did this because I 'm tired of seeking devices for getting through twenty-four hours a day.”7 We must learn to use our time wisely and not wastefully if we want satisfaction. In Haggai chapter 1 we read about the Israelite people who were living lives of pleasure. God was not pleased them. They were living in real nice houses, but they were letting His house lay in waste. We should take this as an example that we need to care…

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  • Analysis Of God's Big Picture By Vaughan Roberts

    The book God 's Big Picture is a 167-page book written by Vaughan Roberts and published by IVP Books. The sub title to this book is “Tracing the story line of the Bible”. I believe Roberts does a fair job at accomplishing this task. The key to tracing the story line of the bible is to look at it outside the box and in big picture view hence the title. Roberts narrows the bible down to a few key points and sub points. The bible both old and new testament have a pattern that Roberts…

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