Habitat fragmentation

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  • Importance Of Nature Essay

    Importance of the Nature Conservation Nature is constantly changing, even before the dawn of humanity. From the breakup of Pangaea to the extinction of dinosaurs, from the Sahara Pump to the Ice Age, Earth has completely changed from what it was millions of years ago. Beyond these spontaneous events, initiated by Nature itself, Humans are continuously adapting the Planet to accommodate their needs through careless interaction with their surrounding environment. The influence of anthropogenic…

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  • Riparian Zone

    quality and wildlife habitat. A riparian zone refers to stream bank system, including the stream, soils, flora, and fauna within it. Riparian buffers, specifically, are one of the most significant structures to implement along streams and rivers because of the structure’s many functions and abilities. Riparian buffer zones act as a canopy to shade and cool stream temperatures, as a filter strip to attenuate sediment, pollutant, and nutrient runoff, and as a wildlife habitat, all wrapped into one…

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  • 202 Freeway Case Study

    would be the impacts it would have on residents who live in the area it would be constructed. Not only would it alter the natural desert land by flattening part of South Mountain in order to build a road for cars to drive on, it would also cause habitat loss, traffic disturbance,…

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  • Palm Oil Research Paper

    Many do not posses much knowledge on palm oil; such as the ways it affects one’s health and how it is produced. Even though most are unfamiliar with these aspects of palm oil, they are most likely well acquainted with it and use it on a regular—if not daily— basis. Palm oil, although present in many everyday products, has immoral and unethical factors of production. Palm oil is a type of oil that comes from the fruit of palm trees. Many companies take advantage of the fact that palm oil is…

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  • How Does Overpopulation Affect Society

    the greatest extinctions in the history of our planet. The last extinction as great as this was when the dinosaurs became extinct. We cover animal’s habitats with our homes and roads. We are also making these many species animals become extinct. The U.S is converting about 1.2 million acres of rural land into cities each year. Habitat fragmentation is a problem in the world, as it isolates a species population into subpopulations, that are too small for a group to survive, causing the…

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  • The Asian Elephants

    increase in sexual activity” (EDGE of Existence, n.d.). Furthermore, since the Asian elephant is on the endangered species list there are major anthropogenic threats this species faces. Pre-eminent threats to the Asian elephant are habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation. We can conclude that humans are now moving and expanding into their territory. Poaching in another threat elephants must face. Elephants are poached for a number of reasons. For example, meat, tusks (ivory), and…

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  • Cellular And Molecular Biology: Biotechnology And Genetic Diversity

    Undergoes Artificial Insemination". NBC, Associated Press, 19 March 2008). A primate cousin of ours, the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) is also critically endangered, with an estimated 7300 remaining in the wild (Wich et al., "Orangutan Population and Habitat Viability…

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  • Effects Of The Hydrological Cycle

    Hydrologic cycle refers to the movement and storage of water between the land, oceans and atmosphere (Kuchment 2004). It involves several main processes, which include evaporation of water from the oceans, condensation of the atmospheric moisture to form clouds, precipitation, transpiration and so on (Hubbart 2011). There are mainly three types of human activities that affect the hydrological cycle, namely surface water regulation related to lakes and rivers, water release and abstraction, and…

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  • Climate Change In The Southeast Region

    environment by introducing more heat-tolerant crops and breeds of livestock, and renovate cropping and irrigation systems. However, human activity will also hinder some purposeful alterations as well. For example, expanding population and land-use fragmentation will hinder prescribed burning which is very useful in adapting to extreme temperatures. Therefore, much dialogue must be centered around the most efficient way to alter the environment and compensate for it at the same…

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  • The History Of Deforestation

    The succeeding project is an accumulation of articles that focused on the effects of deforestation and the taken determinations to reverse the process with the use of reforestation. The front-runners of deforestation for years were profit of corporations or the prestige of kingdom royalty. As progress was guilty of destroying trees, which would lead to future changes in the ecosystem; and the long-term effects on the environment would go ignored. The once, booming agricultural environment of…

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