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  • Celina's Lesbian Love Story

    Book Overview Celina, a 26-year-old high school teacher, is preparing for her elaborate wedding when she meets Jessie, a naughty tomboy who is a student of her class. At the moment when Celina walks into the classroom, Jessie catches sight of something more attractive than she has ever seen. Jessie is impressed by her feeling and decides to follow it wherever it will take her. Within days of classes, Celina and Jessie becomes friend. However, at the bottom of Jessie’s heart, the attraction goes…

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  • Captain America's Relationship To The Red Skull

    Captain America’s Relationship to the Red Skull The author of Captain America stressed that the Red Skull and Captain America came from the same experiment, but expressed different reaction based on the mindset that they originally had before the super soldier project. In Captain America Issue #1, the Red Skull speaks about him being the first person to undergo the experiment. The Red Skull also has similar motives to Adolf Hitler, even being connected as a Nazi officer when he was first created…

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  • Organizational Culture Summary

    they played during football season. Simple and novel it was still part of the organization’s culture. One most recognized novel technique in culture is the use of symbols to distinguish a company or brand as seen with apparel like logos or phrases. Gunther Kress studied modes and semiotics as a way to communicate to the audience. Symbols, signs and a group of text is always used to grab the audience’s attention. In this case the audience is the employees and customers who would know their…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Thanksgiving Changed My Life

    I was an only child. I'm a 16-year-old named Gunther Woods, who goes to Seal Coast Academy. I live in a small town called Maplewood, Minnesota. I usually spend most of my time in my bedroom. My bedroom is like any ordinary bedroom that has a bed, a few unwanted stuffed animals lying on the cold hard floor, and most of the time you will see a lot of chocolate wrappers in the trash. I spend about all my time in my bedroom, it' the only place where I truly feel free and am one with my surroundings.…

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  • British Vaccination Controversy

    A quarter of all deaths, annually, are the result of infectious diseases; immunizations and the programs dedicated to preventing these ailments claim to have saved three million lives, in the world, each year (Marfe, 2007). Economically, immunizations have an influence on medical costs associated with a healthy individual and their community. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2011) believes the continued human benefits and controlled medical costs are dependent upon preventative…

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  • Blues And Gospel

    ezilla, Michael. "Blues and Gospel Recording Artists from 1920s Left Imprint on Today's Music | Penn State University." PSU. Penn State University, 12 Nov. 2013. Web. 13 Mar. 2016. This article describes how blues and gospel artists from the 1920s influenced today's music greatly. It touches on the fact that blues is one of jazzs greatest influence. It summarizes what blues is, and the aspects of blues that have found their way into the seams of jazz. The article…

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  • Chanl No. Five, By Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel

    With full determination, high levels of confidence, passion, capability to take risks and expertise in networking one can have all what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Mind and a clear objective is a prerequisite. “To think, reason, and act to convert ideas into commercial opportunities and to create value” is correspondent to being an entrepreneur (Leech and Melicher 2012). Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel possessed these assets mentioned above; yet, there was something more to her.…

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  • Narrative On Bullying

    The bullied and the bully. I asked my mother if she had remembered the time I was being bullied as a child. She had offered me more information than my memory could. She remembered me often saying that I wanted to go to a different school, and how much I hated the school I attended. Being a chubby child, I was bigger than my other classmates. I was often called names, names having to do with my weight. Now I can barely remember those days’, I’ve blocked those memories except for one-…

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  • Commercial Law In Australia

    LEGAL ISSUE World Trade Organisation (WTO) figures for 2008 indicate that worldwide merchandise export trade amounted to just over AU$18 billion and the import trade to AU$18.5 billion. These figures are roughly 100 times more than 45 years ago (Global Sales and Contract Law, 2012). At the dawn of the 21st century when commerce is more integrated than ever before and jurisdictions are attempting to make themselves more commercially flexible, exercises aimed at rendering the common law less…

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  • Identity And Fandom

    This study focuses on the fandom fighting to legitimise and de-legitimise a textual interpretation that envisions a potential romantic resolution between a female protagonist and male antagonist. At times, this has required drawing on a wide variety of literature, and this section will address necessary theoretical frameworks and definitions. Most key topics fall within the field of media studies, such as media representation, fans and fan-related issues of identity and hierarchy. There is also…

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