Gun culture

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  • Police Vs Law Enforcement Essay

    firearm that they carry with them wherever they go , no matter where they are at. I say fireman because it is not always the regular pistol that they have, sometimes if they are traveling in groups some people like to have the bigger guns such as he shotgun, machine gun, or even sometimes some police officers like to carry just a stick that they are always suppose to have with them. The firearms they carry have one purpose and one purpose only, and that's so they feel safe, and they are ordered…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Level In Party Hard

    It's 3AM in the morning you want nothing more than to get some sleep but it seems your neighbors thought it was a good night for a party. They will soon regret having a party. You throw on a mask and grab a knife and set out to shut them up once and for all. After killing all people at your neighbors party you decided your pretty good at this and set out across America going from party to party and taking out anyone who goes to them. A level in Party Hard is a single screen with about 30-50…

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  • Billy Invention Case

    First for Billy to get the patent for his invention, his Trailboard has to meet the formula of patent. Billy invention has to be novel, useful and non-obvious to become a patent. According question Billy created the design base on regular skateboard design and replacing a knobby tread on them for the purpose of descending hiking trail. In my opinion Billy can say his invention was Novel since no one has design their skateboard for hiking trail before his invention. When it comes to usefulness, I…

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  • Hanna's Murder: A Short Story

    leaving death threats. Is it from him ? Maybe its not. Hanna has her chin down to the floor as she is reading the messages. Hanna quickly runs into the bathroom to wash her face hoping that it would all be a dream but as her head rose from the sink a gun shot was fired at her head. The anonymous Killer stormed out of the room to a place far away where would nothing can connect him to the murder. Meanwhile in the car Paul is waiting for Hanna to come out as she was giving him a book to…

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  • Universal Background Checks

    the share of gun holders did not go through a background check” (Masters). Having a background check is an extremely important factor when buying a gun. “When background checks are required, they are extremely effective at keeping guns out of the hands of prohibited persons” (Universal Background Checks). There are any other factors that keep guns out of the wrong hands. However today, it is possible for almost anybody to get his hand on a gun. Unlicensed dealers along with the gun show loophole…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: After The Civil War

    In the deepening twilight three figures were walking across the lawn towards the window. They all carried guns under their arms, and one of them was additionally burdened with a white coat hung over his shoulders. When they got to the window, the guy with the white coat smashed his gun into the window. When the glass was mostly broken they all climbed through, and they went straight for the downstairs to grab the girl. “You’re coming with us,” said the guy in the white coat in a deep, low, stern…

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  • Curfews Do NOT Reduce Teen Violence

    their community in a positive. A curfew should involve everything being shut down at the same time. For example, the Plaza closes at 9pm for teens. A curfew would help keep kids off of the streets. It will keep them off the streets because of all the guns and all the deaths that are happening. There are a lot of drugs and gangs therefore the kids can end up getting involved too. Also the kids can end up getting into gangs and start selling drugs. The streets is no place for kids they will end…

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  • Ephron Essay On Newspaper And Newspaper

    Ephron believe that newspapers should publish photo of dead people because that is news. Some American readers does not want to see picture of dead people faces or body in the newspapers because some reader only reads newspaper in the morning at the breakfast table. The last thing a reader want to see is a picture of a dead person in the newspapers in the morning. Some readers want the whole news about to be print on the newspaper because the press supposed to tell the whole story to what happen…

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  • Short Story Of Pow Paw

    The Cops all pulled up, looking for darry of course he has stolen some things after he ran out of the hospital, when johnny died. Next thing i know i hear gun shots from every angle. Pow Pow. Then i hear a faint moan the cops were trying to shoot Darry, but soda got hit trying to save darry. Gosh he should’ve just stayed out the way. As a tear came from my eye i hear everyone scream for soda. The next day was not the same. No day was normal after soda and johnny died, it did not feel right…

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  • Black Mamba Research Paper

    Have you ever been scared of snakes? Believe it or not, snakes are actually more scared of us than we are to them. One of the most feared snakes is the Black Mamba ,but this snake is extremely shy and will most likely run away then, turn and fight. The Black Mamba is best known for its Defense, behavior and its body. First, its defense. Normally it will just run away ,but if you corner the Black Mamba, it will fight back. It doesn't just bite once, it bites multiple times extremely quickly…

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