Gun culture

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Sandy Hook Massacre

    our approach to gun control, especially in schools. Our society’s detached approach to such incidents could be just as much a factor into the problem as the guns themselves. Sandy Hook Elementary School had recently installed a high end security system. It required that all visitors physically buzz in and request entry into the school. However, the man still managed to make his way into the classes - he used one of his guns to shoot the door open. The shooter did not purchase the guns - he had…

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  • Essay On Political Ideology

    Chart, and I Side With. I have determined that I am a strong liberal and will join the Democratic Party. I believe that we need gun control, the death penalty should not be allowed, more action should be taken to protect the environment and resources, equality for everyone, and that healthcare should available to everyone. As a country, we should be more concerned about guns and who has them. You hear about mass shootings almost every…

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  • Police Brutality Protecting Or Neglecting

    He spent the afternoon there, pointing the gun at fake people, and sometimes real people. Everyone around there knew him though, nobody was alarmed because they knew it was fake, knew he was a good kid, just playing. Late that afternoon a gentleman arrived waiting for a bus, he did not know Tamir…

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  • Dave Saunders's 'The Man Who Was Almost A Man'

    a kid and talking down to him. He figures that since he is seventeen that he is “almost a man” (1) and that means he should have himself a gun. He believes that owning a gun will make him a man. Throughout the book, however, one can see Dave become more violent and trigger-happy little by little. It starts out with thinking about how “he was going to get a gun and practice…

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  • Assault Weapons Analysis

    clear towards what category of guns can be “assault weapons: Shotguns, Semi-Automatic, and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Stand Your Ground Law

    There are examples that prove(Murphey et al.) position;for example, a citizen can use a gun to shoot/kill someone for revenge and claim it was defense. Someone can get away with this every time, anywhere, even in court;they can get away with murder. The SYG law is an excuse law used by many to do what they want. This is a sign of racial depression…

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  • Compare And Contrast Political Cartoon

    Political Cartoon Analysis Guns are the subject of much controversy and debate in the United States, especially with the increase of gun related violence in recent years. In this analysis I will be comparing and contrasting two political cartoons with opposing views concerning America’s gun politics. The first political cartoon that I have chosen to analyse was created by David Horsey and published in Hearst Newspapers in 2011. This cartoon is colored, and divided horizontally into two…

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  • John Moses Brown's Interest In Gun Design

    John Moses Brown is the greatest gun designer compared to eliphalet remington. john browning has shown an interest in gun building when he built his brother a gun for his birthday. When John Moses Browning got his first real hand in designing and fabricating his first gun he was only 10, Browning made it out of an old barrel and some scrap wood laying around the shop. Browning used the gun to go hunting some prairie chickens that were roosting around his house. weather it was a overcharge or the…

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  • The M9 Case Study

    requirements not being clear to the pistol manufactures every submission in 1981 was immediately rejected. The Army realized their requirement were not only too strict for a custom military made firearm but in disqualifying the commercially available guns they weren’t prepared to host a competition. During the next three year the rules where revised and even lighten too allow for the higher grade pistols to feasibly make the cut. They also made changes in what ammo to use changing the…

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  • Are Americans Are Obsessed With Guns

    Are Americans Obsessed With Gus? Americans are obsessed with gun because almost everyone in America wants to have the privileges to own a gun. Families want guns to protect their family against invaders, gangster wants guns to commit more crimes and policies want more guns to kill more people. The obsession Americans have towards guns said it all in The Second Amendment, because The Second Amendment says everyone has the right to bear Arms and have the right to protect their selves.…

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