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  • Problem Statement For Research On School Shootings

    The topic is “by providing more education on guns to school aged children (aged 5 to 18) the number of accidental shootings will be reduced.” The problem statement is that to many individuals die in shootings every day. Nearly 48 youth are shot every day, including 7 fatalities. By providing children with proper knowledge and training on how to handle a gun the number of incidents will be reduced. The population for research will be the entire United States. Stratified sampling will be used due…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Black Lives Matter Movement

    criminal engaging in suspicious activity. In Minnesota, Philando Castillo and his girlfriend were pulled over by a police officer for a broken tail light. Castillo possessed a valid permit along with a gun when he was shot to death by Officer Jeronimo Yanez. He had told Officer Yanez he had a concealed gun as he proceeded to reach for in his pocket to get our his license and registration. Yanez told him several times not to reach for his pocket, but Castillo continued to do so anyway. This would…

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  • Guns Kill People: A Narrative Analysis

    Guns are not a weapon, they are a tool. Many people around the world believe in the saying that “Guns kill people” for the simple fact that when a human pulls the trigger on the gun it can kill someone but if you think about what was just said “people kill people.” Guns are a tool that help everyone feel safe and at ease. In the stories, “ Second Inaugural Address” by Abraham Lincoln, “ What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” by Frederick Douglass, and “Runagate Runagate” by Robert Hayden…

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  • Moral Dilemmas: Case Study

    shooting range. He is reluctant to turn it over because it is a special custom handgun his grandfather used to own that he has refurbished. A week later your friend has been robbed and is in a fit of rage. He knows who did it and demands you turn the gun over immediately. He appears to be wanting to confront, and potentially kill, the criminal. Do you give him the handgun? There are many questions to be asked when a moral dilemma is presented.…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Weapons Of The World

    world “Guns don 't kill people, people kill people”. Not a single soul on the earth, hasn’t heard about or read this quote from the NRA. Some people believe it, and some would think that it settles this old debate about gun control. Others would say it 's preposterous, a terrible analysis of how to solve such a problem; however, I found it difficult to find a solid consensus regarding what exactly is wrong with it. First and foremost I am a person who greatly appreciates both sides of the gun…

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  • Gun Control: A Threat To Society

    Guns these days are over exaggerated and are played out to be a threat to society. With all the new technology being built lately, everyone 's attention has moved towards buying that new phone or checking your status. With all this new technology, there has been some issues that come with it. Guns are misused and abused online currently. As the young population views this material, the generation is heavily affected by the neglect. In result, the kids do not know how to properly use or treat a…

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  • Should Teachers Be Allowed To Nuclear Weapons Essay

    teachers are allowed an advantage in protecting the kids they are responsible for? Criminals that shoot up schools are cowards and have no common regard for human life. Gun control is an overwhelming debate in this day and age, people believe that guns kill people when in reality it is people that kill people. People are so afraid of guns that they take them out of the hands of everyone they can, including teachers who have the ability to stop a huge amount of heartache and death. Which in…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Effects Of Gun Control

    The effects of gun control I feel could be very dangerous. Taking away the right to bear arms could endanger defenseless families when an armed criminal breaks into their house. Taking firearms off of the legal market doesn’t mean that they still won’t be bought and sold illegally. An example of something that is illegal but widely bought and sold would be drugs. They are highly illegal but the demand for them is through the roof. So then, when the common law abiding citizen cannot buy a firearm…

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  • Force Or Guns Are Not Needed All The Time

    Force or Guns Are Not Needed All the Time Twelve year old Tamir Rice was playing around in the park with his black BB gun and next thing he knows he is shot. The last thing he sees is his sister running to him, screaming. Then there was Antonio Martinez, who was twenty one years old and had Down syndrome was given no warning when he was pepper sprayed, and tackled to the ground for seeming suspicious. While it might be necessary to use force to apprehend a suspect in a wrong doing, it is not…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Violence In The United States

    War on Guns There is not a year that goes by without an innocent life taken by gun violence within the United States. Each year we constantly argue the idea of whether we should ban guns or reinforce tighter restrictions on guns, especially with the NRA (National Riffle Association). Often as usual we never ensure a decision and the topic slips up again when another instance occurs. Many has brought up ideas such as securing our schools with the same weapons that we are fighting to ban. Arming…

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