Gun culture

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  • Blacksmithing History

    keeps the culture of medieval castles and knights alive. Understanding blacksmithing is a marvelous way to learn about life in the past. Blacksmithing is a really intriguing job, but probably not as much at the Levi Jordan Plantation because of the physical work required as a slave. First of all, Levi Jordan was born in Georgia, and later inherited…

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  • 1980's Film Analysis

    In this 1980 film cultures collide all due to a Coca-Cola bottle. The cultures represented in the movie have many things that are different between the two. Not everyone and everything is the same. Nothing is perceived as perfect or normal, even when they collide. Though the cultures of the Bushmen and “modern society” were only but around 600 miles apart, they were nowhere near the same. Due to this, people would have the ideology of them to be similar in some manner but with the environmental…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Shooting

    People died every day from gun violence. Ik- Whan G. Kwon and Daniel W. Baack say “In 2000, almost30,000 persons died from firearm injuries in the United States” (134). How could this large amount of number be reached? In the United Stated, there are lots of gun shooting tragedies. CNN reported that 20 adults and 6 students were killed by gunfire “at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14.” (Sandy Hook shooting: What happened?). This is just one example of many…

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  • Veteran Suicide And Military Suicide

    Suicide is a topic not often broached in the political battlefield of the gun violence debate. The topic covers medical, psychological, political and ethical territory, making it difficult to come to a conclusion over. Suicide is difficult to talk about, affects tens of thousands of people and climbs higher and higher every year without an agreeable reason. A topic even less seemingly approachable is military suicide. Though neither veteran suicide nor “civilian” suicide is more glamorous a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Laws

    paper I will discuss a taboo, gun laws, and how it affects the way we think. Gun laws regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition in the United States. With the gun laws we have they cause violent crimes and need to be changed so that it is easier for Americans to purchase, and protect themselves. There are roughly 270 million firearms in America with 897,000 being carried by police. With that estimate there are 20% gun owners with 65% of the guns. The Second Amendment of…

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  • Shooting By Adam Gopnik Analysis

    are very precious in our every single day and shouldn’t be granted. Everyday U.S. always has violence in guns at school and it is stronger debate about the school shootings topic.…

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  • My Distrust And Dislikes Of New People

    I may seem like a quiet person or in other words a shy person. But in no way is that true , I used to be the person who wanted to meet everyone. Many incidents in life have caused me to wait for the monster in a person to come out before attempting to establish a relationship. I have hurt many people this way I can only love those who I know and trust. My main source of distrust and dislike of new people is because of a man named Donny Jordan and the night I almost got my family killed.…

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  • Why Should Assault Weapons Be Banned

    it is very easy to get access to guns. In California, obtaining a gun license is very easy: any twenty one years old and up legal resident can apply for a gun license. The requirements are: pass the written gun safety test, pass the background check, pay a small fee and present a valid ID. If they fulfill all the requirements, then they can legally buy a gun from any legal vendors. In addition to legal purchase of guns, there have been notorious cases of illegal gun trafficking among the nation.…

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  • Should Women Carry Guns For Protection?

    Hajer imam Essay 4 Should women carry guns for protection? The worldwide rate of abused and violated women is high. It is globally known that women are easy targets for violence, so we deduce that females need additional protection. Many believe that women should be allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves independently, while others believe in alternative solutions. No can deny that women need protection, yet people argue about the methods. As a female, this decision must made without…

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  • Khaled Beydoun Lone Wolf Analysis

    to generalize Muslims, brown and blacks in relation to their race and religion, not their identity as an individual. In class we learn as anthropologists, it is impossible to make normal judgments about beliefs of others before we understand the culture which is also applied that we cannot make judgements and generalize a whole race and religion as one. The way the author is portraying America is also related to the concept of ethnocide. As the author explains generalization and how because…

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