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  • Rebecca Nurse: A Short Story

    Ding…..Ding….Ding…. The sound of distant bells filled my ears. As soft and quiet as they were, they still deafened my ears and head. I pulled my worn shawl over my shoulders as a small act of comfort. Although it was a mild and pleasant day for February, it would suppress the current dreaded chill running down my spine.Today was the day would witness the trial of the accused witch Rebecca Nurse. I took a shuddering breath and pulled the shawl close to me. I picked up the cup if tea I had setv…

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  • Essay On Franklin D Roosevelt Courageousness

    Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough. - Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1936 Courageousness. Courageousness and confidence and dignity. These are the principles of standard charisma in even the most elusive parts of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s mind as he was buckled into a heavy corset with braces that ran from his hips to his heels. Pushing away thoughts of meeting his malevolent driveway headfirst, he…

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  • Sprite Zero Marketing Strategy

    Current Marketing Mix Strategies of the Product Sprite A set of marketing tools that are used by an organization in-order to achieve its marketing objectives are classified under the marketing mix strategies. This covers all from creating a new advertisement over to designing new packaging for the product. All these options are gathered into 4 factors known as the 4Ps’ while each factor individually has a significant power in influencing the consumer demand of the specified product. It was an…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College

    The Electoral College is an integral part of the current election process of the United States. Created during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, the Founding Fathers developed the establishment of Electors through debate of the Virginia Plan which proposed that Congress should elect the President. However, concerns of the President being controlled by Congress and fears over a small group of individuals being able to dictate who would hold office, presented the need to change the plan.…

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  • Responsible Prison Reform: Article Analysis

    1. An article “Responsible Prison Reform” falls under conservative on the political spectrum. The reason, I believe this article falls under conservative is because in the article Eli Lehrer talks about how once again, they are leading the way toward the strengthening the sentence rules and other strategies that augmented incarceration rate. Therefore, they should lead the way in rationally reducing the prison population where the incarceration should be changed. For example, in the article, Tom…

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  • George Washington's Accomplishments

    Throughout the years, there have been up to 44 presidents in the United States (43 if you do not count Grover Cleveland’s 2 terms that were not in succession from each other) and one of the most vital and iconic presidents has to be without a doubt, the first president himself: George Washington. When you take a look at the famous Mount Rushmore sculptures located in Keystone, South Dakota, you see Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, and none other than George…

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  • Reflection On Style

    Style Analysis on You and Reflection on Text Tracie Spurlock The book Styles at Work and Beyond by Robert Bolton and Dorothy Grover Bolton is intriguing from even the cover. Making bad relationships good and good relationships better is a challenge from the beginning to dig deep and not only read this book but to use what it must work in one’s life though all types of relationships. The book is even set up in a rather nice style. Nice breaks between points makes the book a much easier read.…

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  • Pros Of The Electoral College

    As of now the way the U.S. elects its president is through a system called the Electoral College. Other systems like the direct popular vote or the national popular vote may work in democracies, but the United States is a federal republic not a democracy. While allowing states to be represented in a manner consistent with their size, the Electoral College has the exceptional power of allowing small states and rural areas to still maintain their influence in the government. This allows us to have…

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  • Native American Policies During The Gilded Age Essay

    Native American Policies during the Gilded Age Anthony Ciccariello 01 May 2016 HIST407 D001 American Military University Since the North American continent was discovered and inhabited by Europeans there was a distance or gap of misunderstanding between the settlers and the indigenous people. This distance and difference in way of life did not end after the inhabitants created their own country and won their independence from the Great Britain. The American government and the people of the…

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  • The Crucible Study Guide Answers

    the chores in the house, even if she keeps his clothes all nice and done, food on the table and not to just go outside and play baseball. Act II: Love and Marriage 71. George Gibbs and Emily Webb are getting married. 72. Couples marry young in Grover Corner. They usually get married when they finish school. 73. That George is getting married at a young age giving up his dream to be a famous baseball…

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