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  • Formation Of Carboxylic Acid Group

    the formation of ester groups through the reaction between carboxylic acid groups of PAA oligomers and silanol groups of silica moieties 12. Besides, in SiO2/PAA hybrids, the O-H bands were broadened with the increase of silica content from 30 to 40 and 40 wt % and gradually shifted from 3100 cm-1 to 3150 cm-1, respectively (Figure 2). These observations may be the consequence of the strong hetero-associated hydrogen bonds…

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  • My Primary Group Essay

    Our Primary Group: What we remember and don’t want to remember In this chapter, Charles H. Cooley points out that “the central role of primary group development of one 's sense of self.” Primary group includes family, childhood friends, and our love relationship. I recall on our second discussion most of us agreed on how the family effect on individuals socialize in this society. Reflecting back on my life, it is true that a family has an enormous effect on us. I knew that for the first 5 years…

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  • Public Interest Group Analysis

    and balanced by the elected legislative, but when the citizens are against certain laws and policies made, individual tend to stand out and then groups are formed. An interest group is a group of individuals organized to seek public policy influence, usually though not exclusively by attempting to influence government actions.…

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  • Schizophrenic Anonymous Group Model

    The group that will be the focus of this paper is a Schizophrenics Anonymous group. This group meets two times per week at a support center for individuals recovering from and battling mental illnesses. The group is led by a retired social worker who has worked in the field for 40+ years. Schizophrenic Anonymous is a self-help group that was established in 1985 in the Detroit area by Joanne Verbanic, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1970 and wanted to have a group and venue to discuss…

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  • Eating Disorders: Group Analysis

    treatment at clinics and hospitals. Thus, many hospitals have support groups for those who suffer from these disorders. The article “Group Analysis: Looking systematically at group development, structure, and function in an eating disorder program”, was written by Erin Benner, a social worker who ran this particular…

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  • Group Communication Theory Essay

    college and university environments. For the Group Communication course held in the Fall 2016 quarter, students were assigned groups and were asked to explore different concepts relating to Group Communication theory. Members for groups were randomly selected by Dr. Boyraz, thereby allowing a greater possibility for diversity to occur. This factor of random group…

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  • Borders Group Case Study

    Borders Group Incorporated: Too Big & Failed Capitalism is a key component in the strong rooted foundation that the economy has been based off since the inception of this nation and is defined as trade and industry that is owned and controlled for profit by a private owner instead of being controlled by the government ( While the American free market has often been held in the highest esteem by foreign economies as well as ourselves, casualties of the same system have been…

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  • Group Dynamics Research Paper

    Group Dynamics Communication, cohesion, culture, and social integration are all a part of the group dynamic. Communication involves a selective perception, non-verbal messages, and feedback. A few methods of group interaction methods are maypole, round robin, hot seat, and free floating. Communication is an important factor, but it can be extremely difficult. Members communicate for the purpose of understanding, but communication patterns can change for many different reasons. Cohesion is…

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  • Strategic Analysis Of The BMW Group

    The BMW Group has set course for a successful future with its strategic realignment. The Group’s strategic direction up to 2020 is clearly defined: The BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility. Return on sales target of 8 to 10 percent in Automobile segment The future strategy focuses on ensuring the company’s long-term success and safeguarding its independence. The BMW Group has set ambitious interim targets for the first five…

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  • Tuckman's Stages Of Group Development

    Reaction Paper Overall, I believe my group performed pretty highly during both group projects. Jeremy’s biggest fear was performing and he hated working in groups. He was so confident and comfortable an outsider would not be able to tell. Also, we all avoided social loafing. We equally talked in our presentations and equally conducted the work needed to perform successfully. No one sat in the background and let the team do the work for them; everyone was equally as important. Collectively, we…

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