Group processes

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  • Unitedhealth Group Analysis

    UnitedHealth Group also known as United Healthcare is an organization located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. This company is dedicated to the health insurance services. Fortune, the prestigious magazine oriented to describe the characteristics of the best organizations in different business categories, shows that UnitedHealth Group stands as the number one industry in “Health Care: and Managed Care” in the last six years (Fortune, 2016). The Organization occupies the second position in Global…

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  • The Five Stages Of Group Dynamics

    Within any group, there are various factors or forces that directly or indirectly affected the operation and performance of that group. In order for leaders to adopt the right approach to interacting with groups and their members, they need to understand group dynamics. Group dynamics deals with the attitudes and behavioural patterns of a group. Group dynamics concern how groups are formed, what is their structure and which processes are followed in their functioning. Thus, it is concerned with…

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  • Personal Reflection: Task Group Analysis

    Personal Reflection During this task group exercise, my group and I were given various tasks to complete. Each task allowed us to change roles and sometimes filling multiple roles through the course of each task. In the initial task, were given little instruction for us to complete the given task which left members of my group with many questions. In this instance I believe I took the role as the analyzer conceptualizer by stepping up and letting the group know what was expected from us. On…

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  • Orange Is The New Black Identity

    the topic of identity and allowing for its application on a larger context that houses within the Structuralism perspective. Identity is an umbrella term to classify the broad categories of race, gender, religion, sexuality, and family/subcultural groups – all of these things can define what one views the identity of oneself or of another. Structuralism is the foundational base for the surface phenomenon to exist or operate, or strongly conditions in some way (Febiri 8), it is the idea that a…

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  • The Importance Of Group Norms In Task Group Meetings

    about ways to behave" (Muskat, Winter 2016). Our group norms were to exercise confidentiality; to follow the order of participation, where the leaders spoke during the task group meetings unless someone else was assigned to do so; and to be respectful of other members in the group by remaining professional throughout the session. In following the order of participation; we had to keep in mind that, “whenever people are together in face-to-face groups, they are communicating. Even if they are not…

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  • Performance Measurement

    In order to achieve program goals, it is essential for the school to collect data to prove program achievement which is vital for performance measures. Therefore by benchmarking the performance of the school, the school will gain information to improve the quality, delivery, and cost of the school. The school selects data based on availability, accuracy, cost, and timeliness. The school uses performance measurement to connect resources and program performance, and to use information gained to…

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  • Reflection Paper For Immigration Class

    Before this course, I was familiar with the immigrant stories of Mexicans, families and students. After this class, I was able to learn about other stories of immigrants coming from Latin America, and Russia. Society already defines immigrants to be only Latino’s or people from Mexico but in reality, there are millions of immigrants who have ben in the United States and who are coming now from Russia, Korea, Canada, Syria etc. Just like the immigrants from Latin American many of them are…

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  • Essay On Self Assessment Exercises

    Exercises Prof. Bin Ma provide for us. It included eight different categories, which covered Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Style, etc,. Actually, people usually had hard time to search one’s conscience without the help of outsiders. Perhaps, any processes in our life such as studying in school, looking for a job, furthermore, these Self-assessment Exercises did very good job at analyzing human behavior. The first Self-assessment Exercises I took is Emotional Intelligence, my score is 37…

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  • Kymlicka Group Rights Analysis

    certain cultural and national minorities that reside in a larger liberal nation. In essence, group differentiated rights might be counter intuitive to the liberalism, treating a minority group differently by ways of exclusion or special treatment, however according to Kymlicka, group rights should exists in order to uphold the main agenda of liberalism. Kymlicka strongly reasons that these minority groups have rights to preserve their culture and way of life called the “external rights”…

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  • Roles In Group Communication

    The roles that group members play has been investigated in the same way that leaders have been analyzed in research pertaining to group communication. The roles that are found within a group are characterized by dynamism in comparison to the leadership roles. The reason for this is that they can be played by more individuals in the group. In addition, an individual member can play different roles within a group set-up or play a regular role over a long period of time. Various factors such as…

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