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  • What Is The Theme Of Survival In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

    his morbid and saddening short story. Many discussions include the idea of humanity, and if Gregor still kept his humanity after transforming into a ‘vermin’, whether Kafka was trying to show the importance of mental illness and depression, and whether or not family is essential to one’s survival. The biggest discussion one can find while researching Kafka’s story, is the question on whether or not Gregor…

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  • Summary Of The Short Story 'Ball' By Sam Koperwas

    In the short story, “Ball”, by Sam Koperwas, the author teaches us that parents putting their dreams and aspirations on their kids is dreadful thing for the kid and the parent. In the part, where the son gives up on trying to make a basket, the father pulls him by his ear and slams the ball hard into his stomach. Then, the father rambles on about eating an apple everyday and saying prayers can help you accomplish tasks. The father continues with this statement, “Argue and I’ll slap your eyes…

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  • The Panther Poem Analysis

    From the moment that Gregor is changed into this bug, the people around him begin to view him differently. His father no longer sees him as his hard-working son; instead, he is a nuance to the family. His father’s feelings towards Gregor are shown through the times that he shoves Gregor back into his room when he tries to escape and the incident when he wants to hurt Gregor because he believes he hurt the mother. To the father, Gregor is just a bug. The Metamorphosis displays…

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  • The Symbols In Popular Mechanics By Raymond Carver

    The changing of the weather, the once joyful elements of a winter now gone. As the season comes to an end, a family’s relationship begins to wither away and die as they fight for a reason that is all too real in families today. This sets the scene for Raymond Carver’s short story, “Popular Mechanics.” “Popular Mechanics” opens with the husband of the family packing his suitcase in what appears to be the aftermath of a divorce. It then spirals into a domestic dispute between the wife and…

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  • Theme Of Metamorphosis In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

    metamorphosizes into that of an animal. Comparably, Greta, Gregor’s sister, shifts from a her caring persona to an insensitive and selfish sister. In contrast, Gregor who literally transform in exterior, manages to maintain his natural tendency to provide for his family, ultimately remaining the most humane in his family. Although Gregor undergoes a physical metamorphosis to a lowly bug, his personality remains humane throughout the novella juxtaposed to Mr. Samsa and Grete whose personalities…

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  • Alienation In The Metamorphosis

    consideration for his family seems to be something alien to him. After his metamorphosis, Gregor feels completely alienated from his room and environment because he can't even see the street outside of his house. He sees himself as an essential component of his family’s well-being, but as his family comes to the realization of his transformation they become ashamed of him, locking him in his room out of sight. Slowly Gregor begins to lose all connection with his family. Even his sister who fed…

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  • Gnat Infestation Essay

    Knowing More about the Gnat Infestation in your Home Many are annoyed by little flying insects in their house, especially if they’re already in front of your face or flying around your food. These insects are small, usually long-legged, are considered as weak fliers and are called a gnat. These insects have many names like ‘fungus gnats’, ‘vinegar flies’ or even ‘fruit flies’. Why are there little flying gnats in my house? Know why there are gnats inside your house, you need to understand…

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  • The Father In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

    and miserable man whom Gregor feels sorry for but not necessarily respects. But when Gregor runs out of his and sees his father for the first time in weeks, Gregor’s opinion of the father changes. This shift is most evident through Gregor’s description of the father’s uniform, which gives the father an air of dignity: Gregor notices the “smart blue uniform with gold buttons,” and thinks the father looks to be “in fine shape,” suggesting the father’s self-esteem…

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  • Comparing Kafka's The Metamorphosis And Harrison Bergeron

    Throughout history there remains universal themes explored in life and fiction that are not dependent on time or place. In Franz Kafka's novella The Metamorphosis it follows Gregor Samsa, a travelling businessman who transforms into a bug. As a bug, Gregor lives an unfortunate life full of loneliness, which is barely different than his life as a human. In Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron we follow the rise and fall of Harrison himself in a society where everyone is completely equal. Harrison,…

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  • Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

    the men were sent to battle, while the remaining working class struggled to control their own lives at home. Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis exemplifies the constraints wrapped around the working class as World War I was underway beginning in 1914. Gregor Samsa’s bug transformation depicts his isolation from his world and his family since he is not able to work. While this is apparent, we can see through various poems developed about the horrors of World War I that instilled fear upon the people…

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