Great Pyramid of Giza

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  • Tutankhamun's Tombs

    In Tutankhamun’s tomb, the artifacts were able to depict the lifestyle of kings in ancient Egypt. In his tomb, discoverers found many artifacts dating to over 3,000 years ago. The greatest treasure that laid inside the room, was the coffin of Tutankhamun. With a room untouched for thousands of years, scientists were able to study these artifacts to learn a lot of information especially about the lifestyle of kings in ancient Egypt. For historians, the life of Ancient Egypt during the New…

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  • King Tut's Contribution To Ancient Egypt

    mask is a very known and a great symbol in ancient Egypt. Ramses II ruled Egypt for sixty-six years, which is the second longest period anyone has ruled Egypt until his death in 1213 BCE. Ramses II was the son of King Seti and Queen Mut-Tuy and had an older sister named Tia. During Ramses life time he had more than fifty wives and one-hundred children making his family one of the largest in Egyptian…

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  • Jurassic Park Essay

    1. Name the six steps that are required to actually have a “Jurassic Park”. (6 points) 1. Find dinosaur DNA 2. Grow an embryo 3. Raise the baby 4. Choose a habitat 5. Plan a diet 6. Manage the animals 2. What was used to freeze amber to crack it open and access the insects? (1 point) Liquid nitrogen 3. Who was able to get bone marrow from fossils that have blood cells of dinosaurs in them? (1 point) John R. Horner 4. What are body cells called? (Not mentioned in video.) (2 points)…

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  • Ancient Egyptian Kings Summary

    After reading Sherine El-Menshawy’s article entitled, “Notes on the Human Characteristics of Ancient Egyptian Kings”, I found it very interesting. My reason for that is because there are so many theories and opinions of each King. The reasoning for Sherine’s article to be able to get a closer look at this kings and to show us things about them that we have never seen before. I noticed a lot of insight in the article from different people and historians, especially in the first couple of pages…

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  • Quest In The Alchemist

    shepherd to pursue his dream of traveling, and now travels across his home country of Spain. One night however, after sleeping in an abandoned church, Santiago has a strange reoccurring dream about a young girl leading him to hidden treasure in the pyramids, only to wake up before finding out where it is buried. Disturbed by this, he sets out to go to Tarifa and visit the old woman who can interpret dreams. The destination of a journey and the stated reason to go tend to go hand in hand, or as…

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  • Head Of King Userkaf Summary

    considered would be the possibility that it was attached to a temple wall or placed in a temple built by King Userkaf. It may have been used in the context of a biographical story, meaning it would have accompanied hieroglyphics which told of the great king’s life, his might, and his…

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  • How Did Stonehenge Build

    What was the Stonehenge built for? There are many ancient histories of kings and cities, even death of people.There are so many ancient histories that hasn't been discovered from the scientists like how they died or what tools they used to make their houses 64000 bc ago. A mystery that hasn't been discovered yet is what the stonehenge were built for. One thing that scientists are still asking is why the stonehenge was built.One…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Infrared Satellite Images

    From ancient civilizations to hurricanes, researchers and exporeres study nearly everything. Exploreres use various forms technology for conducting their research. These forms include, inventions such as The Mailbox; a invention created by Mel Fisher that aided the discovery of objects underwater, planes to withstand hurricane power, Infrared satellite imagery, etc. Infrared satellite imagery is the most advanced form of technology for researchers and explorers due to the fact that it aids…

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  • Middle Kingdom Queen Analysis

    Explanation of a Middle Kingdom Queen This statuette from the Middle Kingdom of ancient Egypt shows a queen. It is made of deep green schist. It is dated to the end of Dynasty 12 and the beginning of Dynasty 13 due to the style of the artist and the clothing of the queen. The small statuette is 16.3 cm in height, 11 cm in width, and 7.5 cm in length. This piece was excavated by Nicolas Koutoulakis, funded purchased by The Roger Fund in 1965. It is in mediocre condition, with damages on the face…

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  • King Khufu: The Pyramid Edifices Of Giza

    for its pyramids. The pyramids were worked for pharaohs and their nearest relatives to be covered in. Pharaohs were leaders of Egypt. The tombs, where the pharaohs and their families were covered, were in the intricate form of the pyramids. There are three pyramids, one for King Khufu, one for King Khafre, and one for King Menkaura. The pyramid edifices of Giza (area of the pyramids) served as a wellspring of building material for Cairo since they utilized the top layer of the pyramids which…

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