Great Famine

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  • Compare And Contrast Irish And Ixican Immigration

    both groups shared similar types of struggles that caused people to migrate to the United States. Both groups of people experienced environmental, economic and political challenges (Adaptation and Assimilation, n.d.). The Irish experienced the Great Famine and extreme religious and political from the English in the 1700’s these were major factors that pushed people out of the country. In the 1800’s the Irish immigrated in mass to the United States during the first and second industrial…

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  • The Great Irish Potato Famine Analysis

    The Great Irish Potato famine was a lack of food suffered by the Irish peasants, that started in the autumn of 1845 after a new blight ended with the crop that provided almost 60 per cent of the nation’s food needs. Some historians say that it was not a real famine but a case of neglect, considering that Ireland was exporting most of its grain and meal to other countries –mainly England- even during the worst years of the Famine, instead of closing the ports to keep…

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  • Effects Of Hunger Strikes In The Wonder By Emma Donoghue

    In 1845, the Great Famine began, leaving an everlasting mark on the Irish people and the political landscape of their country. The potato crop, which sustained much of Ireland’s population, stopped growing, leading to mass starvation and the death of over a million people. In The Wonder by Emma Donoghue, Anna O’Donnell is born near the end of this national tragedy and survives, but later chooses to starve herself, much to the despair of her nurse Lib. Similarly, the movie Some Mother’s Son…

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  • Summary: Irish Immigrants In America

    In America, written and directed by Jim Sheridan, focuses on a family of Irish immigrants who move to New York in the 1980s, and must adjust to their new life. Personal experiences of the Irish during the diaspora have stayed the same throughout this film, for a countless number of reasons including job type, and crime. In America captures real life struggles throughout the eyes of the Irish, and how they had to make the best out of any situation. The Sullivan family emigrates from Ireland to…

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  • The Irish Potato Famine

    Introduction In 1845, Ireland was struck by a massive famine, which many called the Irish Potato Famine or the Great Irish Famine. This incident was considered one of the darkest and hardest period of the Irish history. Unfortunately, this event caused between 500,000 to 1 million deaths and ruined the land and crops of many farmers. The famine reached its peak in 1847 and during that year, about 300,000 people left Ireland and went to install themselves in other countries which included Canada.…

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  • Great Famine And Irish Exodus: A Documentary Analysis

    cultivate it? Or factors outside their control? The Great Famine and the Irish Exodus is an example of this question. Margaret M. Mulrooney’s Fleeing the Famine: North America and Irish Refugees, BBC’s The Great Famine, and Timothy G. Lynch’s A Kindred and Congenial Element: Irish-American Nationalism’s Embrace of Republican Rhetoric analyze the Great Famine and Irish Exodus from varying viewpoints. BBC’s The Great Famine summarizes the Great Famine. The documentary discusses how over 1/3 of the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Lennon Coat Of Arms

    and expand our historic roots. Unknowingly, we stand in a massive family tree that is centuries old. I belong to the Lennon family tree that dates back to the early 1700s. The surname Lennon originated from the coast of Ireland, where both of my great-grandparents were born. Over 42,000 people bear this surname and they are most prevalent in the United States and Ireland. The name Lennon derives from the word O’Leannain, meaning “lover” and “sweetheart”. The Lennon ancestors aspire to be…

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  • Famine Amartya Sen

    Are famine crises or mass starvation a product of a natural disaster or is it due to some degree of man-made interference? Global hunger can be analyzed by better understanding some of the place in the world that have been impacted heavily, which include Somalia, Malawi, Niger, Bangladesh, and South Sudan. Part B & C Amartya Sen’s work, Poverty and Famines (1981), is significant in the literature surrounding famines and its causes. The general premise of his essay is that famines do not entirely…

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  • Water Scarcity And Famine Essay

    Critically examine the relationship between ‘water scarcity’ and famines. Introduction Famine occurs when numbers of people die rapidly as they have not had enough food to eat. Some people die from ‘actual starvation – acute wasting – and others die from diseases that attack them in their wasted state’ (Paarlberg 2010: 46). Contrastingly, it is ‘not the characteristic of there being not enough food to eat’ (Sen 1981: 1). One way that famine occurs is by the ‘structure of ownership’ (ibid.). This…

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  • Irish Immigrants In The 19th Century

    During the 1800’s, the potato famine in Ireland caused around one million Irish people to immigrate to America. They settled in cities and worked in factories, and generally, were pretty poor. With the Irish immigration came a lot of Anti-Irish Sentiment from the Americans. That leads us back to the question- were Irish considered white in the 19th century America? Well, that depends on what your definition of “white” is. Obviously, it is a color...or rather, lack of color. It can also be used…

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