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  • Hydroweb Case Study

    coordination, work plan, work distribution, ...) Our team consisted of 8 students from three different locations. The locations were as follows: Barcelona(3 students), Nice(3 students) and Manila/Cottbus(2 students). At the very beginning of the hydroweb project the FB messenger chat has been created which served as means for the purposes of the communication. Firstly, all students that have been assigned…

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  • The Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle: The Waterfall Software Development Cycle Model

    methodology until the project is completed. Software development teams cannot choose to develop a software solution utilizing both a waterfall and agile methodology. When a software development team chooses to utilize a waterfall method they must ensure that they stick to the defined steps of the waterfall method. If experiencing difficulties during the implementation phase, the team can-not choose to turn the period into a short iteration and change the path of the project. Software development…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Akamai Technologies

    understood this while was working on a critical project at Akamai Technologies. I was a Project manager and an integration specialist; wherein my primary responsibilities were to be an Akamai Product expert and be a Technical lead on integrations for the premium clients. Handling both the aspects was quite a challenge. I was able to overcome this challenge with specific skills and strategies. I did get recognized for the efforts had put in the project, but the most decisive moment came in…

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  • Case Study Of Silva Morel

    Morel was more than prepared to come to the U.S with the ambition and the willingness to build and generate a change, a difference not only in America but in the whole world. The American dream was yet to be fulfilled. Morel's hopes to create a great impact for the better is what makes her a passionate and inspiring woman. We need more people, like Silva Morel, in our world. We need to have people with the determination to help step and move forward for the greater good. Silva Morel achieved…

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  • Texting While Driving: The Leading Cause Of Accidents

    Driving is a privilege. With the privilege of driving comes responsibility. It is a driver’s responsibility to be meticulous while driving at all times. A single driver that is selfish and inconsiderate of other drivers could cause in a tragedy. A terrible accident or even death can occur as a result. Injuries or death could be made to any passengers or to anyone involve in the accident or even stand by. There are many ways where a driver could be irresponsible, however there are two major…

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  • Project Management Guru

    According to Project Management Guru (2012), three benefits of formally monitoring and controlling project risk include: It allows the team members to understand the current state of the project, including validating and controlling the scope of the project. It allows the team members to understand the budget and schedule of the project, including controlling the cost sand quality of the project. It allows the team members to consider changes (perform integrated change) that could improve the…

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  • Stakeholders In Construction Essay

    Chapter 1. Introduction and literature The process of planning leading and controlling a project can affect many parties and likewise be affected by many. According to previous research, stakeholders have an important impact in projects success regardless of the industry thus they are important in construction sector. However the level of implication of stakeholders may vary from one geographic location to another. Among other growth challenges, some developing countries currently face dilemmas…

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  • External Stakeholders

    research on the topic on which an hypothesis will be determined. The theory which implies that external stakeholders do have an impact on construction projects is tested and with usage an applied methodology is obtained final results. The last stage of this research concludes findings on the topic while…

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  • Importance Of Institutional Theory In Project Management

    Project management literature is a broad expansion of knowledge that ranges from practical to theoretical exploration and analysis. On the surface, it has variable dimensions of knowledge and skill, but can be implicit on a profound level through the viewing lenses of other forums of management theories. One such theory that we will view project management through is institutional theory and its uses within this field. “… [I]nstitutional issues are important to the long-term performance of…

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  • Idioms In Tedd's A Pet For Fly

    1. Identify the author. Tedd Arnold 2. Identify biographical information about the author. Tedd Arnold was born in Elmira, New York in 1949. He moved with his family to Florida at the age of ten. Tedd started to take his first art lessons when he was ten years old. Arnold finished school and graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He worked with textbook illustration, graphic design, and advertising for ten years. His wife Carol received a master’s degree in…

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