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  • Reaction Paper About Chimps

    Culture is a society’s shared and socially transmitted ideas and characteristics used to generate behavior and reflect behavior and other primates besides humans, like gorillas, chimps, and orangutans do, in fact, have culture. Chimps copy each other into adulthood developing cultural behaviors by imitating their peers and research on gorillas, chimps and orangutans have shown they use tools, communicate with each other and even mourn the deaths of each other. This research paper will explain…

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  • Aegyptopithecus Essay

    Modern day primates like the Howler Monkey closely resemble the ancient Aegyptopithecus primate. Howler Monkeys known for their loud howls that can reach up to three miles away plus enjoy making nests to live in while Aegyptopithecus are known for bridging the gap between the Eocene and Miocene fossils. The Aegyptopithecus and the Howler Monkey have numerous similarities and differences. The differences include geographic location, skeletal features, and daily behavior; meanwhile similarities…

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  • The Daintree Rainforest

    The Daintree is one of the only habitats for the endangered Southern Cassowary. There are a lot of cassowaries in the Daintree. the Echidna has a wide distribution of its kind, including the tropical rainforest. the Echidna has strong, sharp spines over the body, and strong, short legs with long claws for digging, and a long sticky tongue for feeding. It feeds on ants, TERMITES and beetle larvae from the soil. Beetles are very important in the rainforest for decomposition.There are a large…

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  • Pygmy Marmoset: The Evolution Of Monkeys

    This essay will be about Pygmy Marmoset and all the little facts you should know about them. I also talk about how their brains were changed but not from evolution but by humans. They also have a little secret about their size if you keep on reading you’ll learn all about them. Pygmy Marmoset is the type of monkey i'll be writing about it's also known as a Pocket Monkey, Little Lion, and the Dwarf Monkey. They are the smallest monkeys known. They weigh less than 5 oz when fully grown. There are…

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  • A Compare And Contrast Essay On Chimpanzees

    The other day I was talking to a friend of mine Tom about various animals while we were at the zoo. Then we had passed the chimpanzee exhibit and then Tom said a dumb remark stating that chimpanzees are like humans because they walk upright. Which I had responded they may share the ability to walk upright and share a few similarities, however, there are various differences that a human and a chimpanzee have like dietary, habit, and lifestyles. To begin with humans and chimpanzee have a…

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  • The Similarities Between Humans And Chimpanzees

    see the gorillas. Tarzan, despite being told not to lead the humans to the gorillas by Kerchak, leads the humans to the gorillas all for Jane. His desire to help Jane also helps him hoping that she stays. His emotions that he feels for her are so great that he would not listen to the alpha because of his love for Jane. In Phil Collins song Strangers Like Me he sings, “Every gesture, very move that she makes, Makes me feel like never before, Why do I have, This growing need to be inside her, Ooo,…

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  • Bonobos Vs Chimpanzees

    Kaylee Smith Summarizing From Your Sources The two Great Apes that I choose to research are the bonobos and the chimpanzees. Bonobo: Scientists believe that Bonobos are the the closest relative Great Apes to humans, but the formerly called pygmy chimpanzees are now endangered, and still are quite mysterious. Humans don’t know a lot about the bonobos like they do with the chimpanzees or gorillas. What we do know is that the bonobo species are mostly on the smaller side, and have small faces,…

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  • Non Human Primates Essay

    species and how they are closely related to other non-human primates as well as human beings. Northern white cheeked gibbons are a species in the genus Nomascus with the scientific name Nomascus leucogenys. Gibbons are classified as apes but known as smaller apes because of…

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  • Pygmy Marmoset Research Paper

    The Smallest Monkey: Pygmy Marmoset The pygmy marmoset is one of the smallest primates to ever live on earth. Pygmy marmosets have a very distinct habitat, family classification, and physical characteristics that make it a unique monkey. Pygmy Marmosets are found only the deep forests located in various countries. They roam high up in the trees of the forest, and blend in very well with their surroundings. They live in the forests of Columbia, Brazil, Ecuador, and parts of Bolivia (Pygmy…

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  • A Summary Of Frida's Monkeys

    “Flora and fauna were vitally important to her pre-Columbian ancestors and during her life this precious resource was cultivated by the oppressed indigenous population she championed. She connects herself to the natural world by echoing the hairs on the vegetation and monkey in her own tresses, styled in her signature indigenous fashion. This bond with nature is reinforced by the curves of her monkey’s arm that embrace her neck, the root-like ribbon slung around the monkey (which she used as a…

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