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  • Guidance In The Outsiders

    In The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, most of the Greasers are friends without families and friends without guidance. Every single one of the young men that was growing up in this war of Greasers and Socs had no prior knowledge of what they got themselves into. As a result of associating themselves with a life of violence, fighting, and being awful in general has left them lost and almost incapable of redemption. Due to the age of the teenagers, in their most important stage of development in their…

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  • Appearance In The Outsiders

    in on the factors on who was cast solely by appearance and physical features. In the film, two gangs are introduced, the Socs and the Greasers. The groups have two very specific looks and carry a great deal of pride with them. The Socs are the typical privileged, rich and educated kids who are known for their preppy appearances and fancy cars. Meanwhile, the Greasers are the lower-class rascals, who are known for their long, silky, greased hair. Hinton uses these stereotypes, regarding…

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  • Jay Mountain Fire Research Paper

    identified as 14-year-old Ponyboy Curtis, 16-year-old Johnny Cade, and 17-year-old Dallas (Dally) Winston who are greasers from the lower-class east side of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although…

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  • Summary Of The Outsiders By Susan Eloise Hinton

    which are her initials. The book tells us about the unpleasant relationship between the Greasers and the Socs. The Socs are westside's elite and privileged, they would always get away with illegal actions and they have always gotten what they wanted, but there is something most of them don’t feel loved by their families since the soc’s parents don’t care what they do, one of these socs include Bob. The greasers are a gang from the east side of town and they have always had a hard life they…

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  • Van Morrison Song 'Gloria'

    Another reason from them not recognising them is that they didn’t aggravate them like Dallas. They would also expect all greasers to aggravate them and Johnny and Ponyboy didn’t so they wouldn’t recognise them as greasers. One thing that Cherry and Pony have in common with each other is that the both don’t like fights. They also both don’t purposely try to annoy or aggravate other people. Pony is very disappointed as he…

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  • The Soc's The Outsiders

    essay on, “The Outsiders”, I will be arguing that the Soc’s and the greasers are not very different if you compare the two of them. This is important because people are always saying that the Soc’s started something or that the Greaser’s started something but in the end they are just two rival gangs that both do bad things in their own ways. I would say that I would not be classified as a Greaser or a Soc. In my opinion, the Greasers and the Socs are not very different; they both commit crimes,…

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  • Why Do We Hide Our Identity

    In a world where we all wear masks to hide our identity, the main causes of hiding ourselves from the world are used against us all on a daily basis. These main causes, prejudice and stereotypes, make people hide themselves from the world. While everyone might not see how it impacts their identity or the people around them, it can be causing everyone to hide their true selves from everybody around them. Many variables shape our identity in different ways such as the popular culture of the time,…

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  • Outsiders Dbq Analysis

    of two different socioeconomic groups: the “Socs (socials)” and the “Greasers”. Who are the outsiders? The real outsiders are the people that can see beyond the Greaser/Socs separation. It can’t be disclaimed that the Greasers are often looked at as outsiders. When Ponyboy flicked out a switchblade during class, a Soc girl said “They are right. You are a hood” (Doc B). This made Ponyboy feel out of place because he was Greaser in a class with a bunch of Socs and he only got into “A” classes…

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  • Analysis Of The Outsiders

    novel describing the relationship between two groups, “Greasers”, “Socs.” In the 60s Hinton experienced a lot of discrimination in her hometown of Tulsa Oklahoma. She wrote the Outsiders because she was angry about the different groups. It’s obvious that the Greasers were viewed as outsiders. During biology Ponyboy pulls out a switchblade, and a socs girl says “they are right you are a hood.” This stereotypical statement show that the Greasers were viewed as outsiders. Another example of…

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  • Conflict In The Outsiders

    The Flawed Resolution of Conflict The world is filled with misery, pain, and violence. In The Outsiders, 14 year old Ponyboy Curtis and friends get a good glimpse of this. In Ponyboy’s town two social groups despise each other, Greasers and Socs. Greasers being the poor, low class citizens who live on the east side. As well as Socs, the rich, higher class citizens who reside on the west side. After a fight that ultimately leads to some of Ponyboy’s closest friends ultimate demise, Ponyboy…

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