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  • Descriptive Essay: Field Hockey

    adrenaline rush dies down as the ball is dribbled down the field by my teammate. I let out a thankful breath. I’ve been looking forward to this all summer: the first game of the season. A field hockey goalie back on the fresh smelling-grass of the field. Imagine this: the grass is green, the air hot and humid, and dirt covers your legs. The air is thrumming with anticipation. There are only 30 seconds left on the clock. The…

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  • Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber Essay

    Both nights before the hunts he was kept awake by unsettling events, and both times he goes into the tall grass in order to confront his wounded prey. The roaring of the lion unsettled him in the night, filling him with fear and cowardice, the feeling which carries on into the hunt. The second night, when he is unsettles by his cheating wife, his anger towards…

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  • North Carolina Same Sex Marriage Case Study

    none of the state magistrates in the conservative McDowell County were willing to wed a same-sex couple. The women sought the representation of attorney Luke Grass as a result of their discrimination. Ansley and McGaughey believe that they are not being treated as equals to heterosexual couples if magistrates will not marry them. Grass argues that because gay citizens are tax-payers whose money funds the magistrates’ salaries; they are entitled to the magistrates’ services. Additionally,…

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  • Individualism In Huck Finn

    ¨The Individual¨ As individuals exclude themselves from their “civilized society” they gain a sense of individualism by question society's use of slavery and racism to strip people from their independence. When individuals kept themselves away from accepting the common norms of the society in which they live, they gain a sense of independence. Depicted in The Adventures Of Huck Finn, Mark Twain reveals Huck's character to be uneducated and self-deprecating. He asserts the hypocrisy of a…

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  • Creative Writing: Fledge

    his ears were a smidgen bigger than extra-large. Fledge was like many young rabbits. He enjoyed exploring the forest and sitting on rocks listening. With those specially sized ears, he could hear extra well. Fledge was even able to hear the sound of grass growing, the footsteps of a bird and the flapping of a bee's wings. Fledge did enjoy listening but did not enjoy his ears. Almost every day, he would think “I would be a much better rabbit if my ears were not so big”.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: I Step On The Soccer Field

    to adapt, but soccer always stays the same. Even though there are billions of soccer fields in the world, I always feel like I’m home. The green grass as a symbol for hope and growth. As soon as I step on the field and observe it, I get reminded on my personal growth and goals; goals and dreams which seem impossible to achieve, but the green in the grass tells me that there is hope and a reason to fight for it. Moreover, as my eyes…

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  • My Dreams

    with their songs and the crickets. We could also hear the slight rushing of water from the creak. The brown grass swayed and moved with the warm wind. The oak tree’s branches moved smoothly and all was calm. The sun began to set orange, red and pink colors filled the sky with amazing perfect light. The sun danced and shined all its beauty while painting a picture in the sky and although the grass was brown in the suns light it became bright and lovely. The sky was endless and it…

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  • Reflective Essay: How I Put My Bike To School

    Bike Mayhem I was getting ready for school one chilly autumn morning in Lake Havasu, Arizona when I decided to ride my bike to school. I usually ride my bike unless I have one of those days where I just walk to school. I could not find my school jacket so I just decided to hurry up and get to school to see if I may have left it in one of my classrooms. I walked into the garage and opened the door so that I will be able to get my bike out. I then preceded to do me morning routine: check the…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Blackberry Picking, By Seamus Heaney

    to move further in life with satisfaction. The ripening of berries is as juicy and adventurous as the time of youth for each human individual. “Then red ones inked hunger sent us out with milk-cans, pea-tins, jam-pots where briars scratched and wet grass bleached our boots”. This line takes the reader to the next stage in life where filled with some wisdom an individual is ready to grab the experiences that are satisfying and gratifying. “Hunger” fires up each person for familiarity and…

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  • Camille Pissarro's The Beach

    Camille Pissarro’s The Banks of the Marne in Winter,1866 challenges the conventions of provincial landscapes through the depopulation and spatial organization of the romantic countryside present in Constant Troyon’s The Marsh,1840. Both Troyon and Pissarro’s large scale works depict provincial French landscapes complete with peasant women and wide reaching skies, however the methods used in the two paintings are disparate enough to bring forward arguments about the inherent modernity in…

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