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  • Late Modernism Essay

    and terrible, new and old, has, similar to such a variety of lines in graphic design today, turn out to be exceptionally blurry, distressed and broken. In the late 80’s, a hostile to tasteful motivation developed contrary to the group of Modernist "good design." It was a response to the narrow, formalist worries of late Modernism. It staked a bigger case to the way of life and extended the expressive potential outcomes in design. The new aesthetic was impure, disorderly, irregular and rough. A…

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  • Career Observation

    this field? and 5) Why did this type of work interest you and did you always know you wanted to pursue this field of study? Some additional questions I thought to ask her during the interview were based on her emphasis in graphic design, such as 1) What benefit does graphic design hold in your career? And 2) How does a journalism major improve her abilities within her duties and…

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  • Herbert Bayer Achievements

    within multiple fields of art and design were endless when it comes to the legacy of Herbert Bayer. The ADC Hall of Fame recognizes Bayer’s achievements in this quote from their 1975 biography, “If Herbert Bayer had produced nothing after the age of 28, his accomplishments to that point alone would make him one of the great pioneers in visual communication” ( Although Bayer was most passionate about graphic design and typography, he was also very…

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  • Textual Description

    Have you ever wondered why you remember graphic description more than textual description? It is because graphics expedite and escalate the level of understanding more than text. Randy Krum, a designer and author says, “people love using pictures to communicate because its hardwired into the human brain.” Information is poured out daily; the digital age has made it accessible to all. We lack the time to go through copious data; infographics represent the same boring data in an interesting and…

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  • Crowdsourcing Case Study

    businesses are doing the same? In their efforts to do just that, many are being drawn towards the internet for crowdsourced designs and utilizing services from sites like 99designs and crowdSPRING. With their ever growing popularity, it is time that graphic designers embrace the change and realize that these sites are not going away. Some designers feel they are detrimental to the design industry, but they can actually be beneficial to artists as well as clients. Clients need to educate…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Do People Make Money Online Art?

    Ever thought of making money online from your artistic skills? Yes, it is possible. Online art jobs are working great for most artists across the globe. Do you want to try them out? Today, let’s talk about how many artists are going an extra mile from the traditional studio setting to make money online. Most artists usually spend most of their time in studio, doodling sketches and even coming up with masterpieces. Though, most of us, especially if you are still an upcoming artist, find it hard…

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  • Bauhaus Essay

    The Bauhaus School of Design was founded in 1919 in the city of Weimar by Walter Gropius, a German architect. The Bauhaus school was created to combine the arts and crafts, technology and architecture disciplines to reach a common goal to unify creativity and the manufacturing objects, building and art. Walter Gropius decided to combine two of his schools, the Weimar Academy of Arts and the Weimar School of Arts and Crafts, into what he called the Bauhaus. He believed that by training the…

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  • Crucial Crucial Promotional Vehicle: Tobacco Packaging

    goal for tobacco companies to maintain and increase market share and possibly also market size. (Wakefield M, Morley C, Horan, 2002). The pack has become the key marketing driver and limited edition packs appear to be central to this. As a Dutch design agency director explains, "If you look at the limited-edition packs, you will notice how quickly they all sell out. Because when consumers see an attractive pack, they want it. They want to have the newest thing. Tobacco packaging has served…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Communication Skills In Graphic Design

    Communication skills are highly needed in the graphic design world due to the fact the graphic designer needs to know what their client wants, and what message they would like to present. Lastly, integrity is needed because according to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, integrity, in moral sense, is “soundness of moral principle; the character of uncorrupted virtue, especially in relation to truth and fair dealing; uprightness, honesty, sincerity.” For a graphic designer to have integrity is…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Photoshop In The Media

    Advertisements and magazine images play an enormous role in today’s society. They inform the people in the world as to what is happening, of all the new products that are on the market, and of new fashion and beauty products. Although media is very informative, it can also have a negative effect on society. It has the most negative effect on teen girls and guys because they already struggle with body image issues, self-esteem, and acceptance. One of the biggest causes to blame is Photoshop in…

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