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  • Gender Roles In Hard Times

    Era, and “involve the middle – class wife having exclusive moral and spiritual dominion over her home so that she can provide a haven from the harsh, immoral conditions her husband and sons face in the outside world” (chrestomathy). When Louisa Gradgrind breaks this moral code of obeying her husband, she breaks the idea of being an “angel in the house” woman. While Louisa was brought up with an education, she never experienced love and a joyful childhood, thus causing her to shut people out.…

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  • The Haunted Man And The Ghost's Bargain

    Charles Dickens was a man of many works that led him to fame in the world of literature in the 1800’s. His early life was filled with many struggles with money, but it never stopped his push to learn more. Dickens wrote many novels novellas, and his way of publishing, by serial, was a unique way to get more money out of his works. His later years following his divorce with Catherine Hogarth proved to be hard times for him and his mental state. After his death, Dickens left a legacy of works that…

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  • Charles Dickens Use Of Humour Like Laughter

    INTRODUCTION Humour, comedy and laughter occupy a large space in the accounts of the Victorian literature and culture. On the one hand, comic representations were everywhere, and attained a high cultural prominence (Rosenthal, 2015). Many of the Victorian novelists recognized as masters in using humour such as Charles Dickens and William Makepeace Thackeray being the most prominent in the use of comic techniques (Ibid.). Meanwhile, it was a comic periodical, it was the time that became the…

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