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  • Who Is Charles Dickens Construct The Poor Of The Industrial Revolution?

    Charles Dickens provides this situation as one more of the examples of injustices that plagues the poor of the Industrial Revolution. As you can see the significance of Coketown in this novel is of greatest importance just as well as the significance of the characters in understanding the ill effects of Utilitarian Industrialists. Charles Dickens goes on to showcase the contrast between the world of the people who see and live a facts only approach to life while in stark contrast to a group…

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  • Hard Times: The Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution was a period of many things for many Britons, but most importantly it was a period of mechanization, mass production and the creation of a working and middle class that divided the nation. The substitution of machine labor for muscle labor led to a sweeping, relatively rapid change in the way of life throughout Britain. Productivity grew and standards of living grew along with it. However, this led to many questioning whether the increase in the standards of living…

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  • Charles Dickens Dehumanization

    novel, Dickens focuses on a lot personal social relations, these include marriages. As in modern society, marriage is a commonplace thing. These personal relationships all are rocky and not fulfilling the covenant of marriage. In the Gradgrind marriage, Mr. gradgrind givens little regard to his wife, she was just a staple of the household and not something he seemed to love or cherish very much. This is depicted early on in the…

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  • How Does Industrialization Affect The Bourgeoisie

    in Gradgrind’s relationship with his children. For example, when his daughter goes to him for advise on whether or not she should marry Bounderby, a family friend, Gradgrind tells her that she should “[confine herself] rigidly to Fact” meaning that she simply has to answer yes or no and that “nothing can be plainer than that.” Gradgrind fails to see that his daughter is hesitant about her decision and instead of helping her he simply tells her that the question is simple implying that marriage…

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  • The Theme Of Family In Hard Time's Family

    believe it. One might say love is produced after marriage, but in this business marriage it was impossible. Mr. Grandgring and Mrs Grand grind lived long together but Mrs Grandgrind died, her husband was not with her, and even the worse , "Mr Gradgrind, apprised of his wife’s decease, made an expedition from London, and buried her in a business-like manner,"(Dickens, 167). In Hard Time, a marriage which canceled love totally did not created any shpere for love and emothion and…

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  • Criticism And Utilitarianism In Hard Times By Charles Dickens

    Thomas Gradgrind, one of the main character represents utilitarianism within the novel. He is obsessed with facts alone; he does not want any kind of entertainment and recreation as he considers it useless and a waste of time. But one do need recreation and some sort of excitement in one’s life like the circus as he is a human being and not a machine. Gradgrind raises his children Tom and Louisa to learn facts and nothing else, no entertainment…

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  • Fanciful Sissy Jupe Analysis

    When we think of education, most would think of boring books, lecturing teachers and time consuming homework assignments. Yet, education can also come in the form of emotions, creativity, and imagination. However, what are the consequences of solely learning in fact or solely learning in fancy? The individual perspective of one education does not reveal the ideas of the other. This clash of beliefs often ends up in a lack of understanding for the opposing sides. When the world becomes limited in…

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  • Conformity In Public Schools

    There is much to say about the involvement of public schooling in a child 's development. Whether the educational system teaches to conform too much, limiting individualism; or teaching individualism too much that students do not know how to conform. It is paradoxical to want students to be better individuals and better members of society without damaging them. There is, perhaps, too much conformity being asserted and implemented. In consequence, there should be a balance in supporting…

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  • Watson And The Victorian Age Essay

    While poetry was the most dominant genre up to the Romantic Period, the Victorian Era can be considered as the age of the novel, not only did the Victorian Era revolutionized the novel in those times, but it also made it as the most popular form of literary writing that has remained up to present times. The Victorian Era was named after Queen Victoria, who was the first English monarch to see her name given during the period of her reign whilst still living. Victoria’s reign lasted over 63 years…

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  • Delibertarianism In Charles Dickens Great Expectations

    I almost feel as though I were leaving my own country and my own kinsfolk; for everything that belongs to kinship, good will, love, kindness everything that binds men together with ties stronger than that of blood—I have found among you in abundance. . . . I seem to have found in your friendship alone enough to make me always rejoice that I was forced to pass so many years amongst you.”(Aaron15) Sissy is a classic example of a libertarian type of a government. Philosophers such as Locke and…

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