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  • Analysis Of Nikki Giovanni's Poem 'Ego-Tripping'

    self-transformation. Jesus is seen as the son of God in the Christian religion. A martyr that died for "God's People  so they can be saved. He is more like the symbol for the Christian religion. Often Jesus and God were seen as the same person. Nikki Giovanni stated "I turned myself into myself and was Jesus . With this statement Nikki Giovanni is implying that she went deep inside of her soul and sort of transformed…

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  • Brian Contradictions In Genesis 1-22

    Genesis 1:26 about how man and woman were created at the same time, while Genesis 2:7, 21-22 states that man was created first, and woman was created later. It’s minor inconsistencies such as these that made Brian question his faith. He stated, “if God is the only perfect thing that exists, then how could their be inconsistencies in His word since the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit.” Brian does not know that for certain however. He says, “How do I know if it was inspired by the Holy…

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  • Exclusivism In Christianity

    on this week’s texts, the answers are as follows. It is said that pluralism focuses on many diverse roads leading to God, rather than there being a singular route, as in the faith of Christianity. Inclusivism has the belief that other religions may be able to be saved, even though not through Jesus Christ. Exclusivism regards one’s own religion as being the only true path to God. Miles writes that exclusivism is to “maintain on biblical and theological grounds that conscious faith in the…

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  • Voice Of Reason Vs. Ned Flanders: The Divine Command Theory

    Marge is the Voice of Reason vs Ned Flanders the Voice of religion and Christianity in USA Ned Flanders – The Divine Command theory “Consequently, Ned consults with Reverend Lovejoy or prays directly to God himself to resolve the moral dilemmas he faces… he asks reverends permission to play ‘capture the flag’… Lovejoy responds, “oh, just play the damn game Ned” PG 55 (TSP) – With God ruling over Ned Flanders’ life we can see one side of America popular culture through the divine command mind.…

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  • Christianity In The Acts Of The Apostles

    Christianity, with the largest population of believers in any region, emerges during the Roman Empire period (2000 years ago). The origin of Christianity starts out with the four gospels: Mark, Matthew, John, and Luke. Even though scholars have doubts on the accuracy and validity of the gospels, there is no indisputable evidences to illustrate the false information presented in the gospels. Furthermore, the gospels describe the life of Jesus’ preaching and healing; the Acts of the Apostles…

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  • Buddha And Jesus Comparison Essay

    Jesus uses Christianity to tell those who believe in Christ that everyone is presented only one chance to live and once this chance is over the journey to the afterlife begins. Jesus also wants them to know that how they live their lives is up to them but requests one thing and that is to praise God. Controversially, Buddha uses Buddhism to tell those that believe in Buddhism that they may have to go through…

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  • Hegel And Kierkegaard Analysis

    philosophies of Hegel and Kierkegaard differed in many ways, as Kierkegaard's is often seen as largely a response to or critique of Hegel's. They disagreed on the role of the individual vs. that of society, what comprises truth, and the place of Christianity in history. However, they also complemented each other in subtle ways, as well. Perhaps their single greatest disagreement lay in the debate of the importance of the individual and society. Hegel zoomed out as much as possible, trying to…

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  • Is Beowulf A Christian Poem?

    see a mixture of both Christianity and pagan beliefs within the poem. For example, the poem describes Hrothgar as an individual who does not yet know of the true God, but Hrothgar and many other characters throughout the poem show their praise to God every time something seems to go in their favor; this can easily confuse many throughout the story. There are many examples of Christianity influences throughout the poem, “A boy was later born to him, young in the courts, whom God sent as…

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  • 4.1 Making And Begetting Analysis

    is unnecessary to understanding God. Most feel that they know more about God because of personal experiences. The author says he agrees with that to some degree; however, he feels that one is very limited with only the personal experience and without what he calls a map, which is what theology would be as related to the Christian religion. Without theology, he believes that people will have a great many wrong ideas about God. Theology after all, is the science of God. Real Christian writings, he…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Believe In Religion

    religion matters for those who believe so. I believe in Christianity because my family does. It comes as natural; as if it was required for me to know and understand religion and how everything turns out the way they do at a very young age. I went to a Christian school from kinder to high school, I was not forced neither asked if I even want to be in that school. I was once asked if believing that a God exist was better than believing without God. A question led to a biased response because…

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