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  • Cellular Case Study

    communication across the entire planet, from video broadcasting satellites to telephone handsets to fiber-optic transmission cables. Services include running the switches that control the phone system, providing Internet access, and configuring private networks by which international corporations conduct business. Software makes it all work, from sending and receiving e-mail to relaying satellite data to controlling telephone switching equipment to reducing background noise on your cell phone…

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  • Smarthalo Case Study

    SMARTHALO (Confidence in Riding) Introduction: There are lots of ways through which you can use your smartphones for navigation while riding the bicycle but it’s very difficult or even dangerous to look at your smartphone repeatedly while riding. SMARTHALO is a cycling navigation device specially design for cyclists in urban areas. Smarthalo is military-grade locking system which is just like a gadget which permanent fix on the handlebar of a bicycle with temper free screws. It is just like a…

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  • Advantages Of Smart Phone Essay

    A smart phone is the most widely used technological innovation of recent times. With its invention it has brought world closer, much more than it was ever before. These smart phones are not for any particular group of people, anyone who buys it can take joy from the benefits that it brings along. So we cannot prescribe a particular age limit to use a smart phone it is beneficial for a student as well as a businessman. A smart phone is such a handy and useful device that I will must say that…

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  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smartphone

    SMARTPHONE Smartphone is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. With the help of this amazing electronic equipment, we can do various tasks at the same time. Smartphone has become a necessity for everyone and living in the present technological world, most of us own one. Besides the irrefutable positive impacts of it, smartphone still has some adverse effects on people’s lives. Have you ever taken time to think about its influence on society and how to use this technology…

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  • Portrayal Analysis Of Stop Texting While Driving By Faddy Ravydera

    Imagine that when our thumbs hit a letter on our phone, consequently an innocent bystander becomes injured or killed by an irresponsible driver. This is what the Road Safety Association of Indonesia presents with their image named “Car”. This image is on an ad website that states it was by illustrator Faddy Ravydera and published on October 2014. Within the image, the message given is “Stop Killing While Driving” which replaces the usual phrase “Stop Texting While Driving.” The depiction…

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  • Nomsa And Nokia Case Study

    Why Samsung and Nokia are different in their performance? Due to many reasons, let's start with Nokia Company. Nokia history shows that Nokia began in 1981 when the first even international mobile phone network was build. Also Nokia depend on its slogan to send massages to the customer as the slogan of Nokia logo provides the brad with an exceptional strong elevated attitude in the communication industry. Also the slogan explains the company goal to connect people by the portrait of two people…

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  • Social Capital And Social Network Analysis

    capital are embedded in social network and the structure or configuration of the social networks affect members access to the social capital embedded therein (Inkpen& Tsang 2005; Nahapiet & Ghoshal 1998). These also have implication for the flow and creation of new Kente-related knowledge. That is social networks and how such networks are configured can affect the flow and creation of new Kente-related knowledge. This is premised on the assertion that social network features such as “density,…

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  • V-Chip: Monitoring What Children Can Watch On TV

    V-Chip to Assist in Monitoring What Children Can Watch on TV Parents always want what’s best for their children and enjoy their childhood. When it comes to media and technology, parents want to be extremely cautious of what network, movie, or cartoons their children are watching. Most parents want to sit there with their children and make sure nothing goes wrong. From “Marketing, Media, and the First Amendment: What’s Best for Children,” Susan Linn suggests parents should use the V-chip to…

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  • Social Media Good Or Bad Research Paper

    You even might deny it, saying it has been perked. But social networks disadvantages outweigh the perks. Wasting time is an example. The time you use online could be time used to be resourceful, as for it makes people lazy. We all know it is very addicting because we have experienced it affect it has on us. Social media…

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  • Tv Influence On American Culture

    The popularity of televisions has increased drastically since its beginning. With visually interesting images, and highly entertaining programs, televisions can command the attention of their audiences for hours. Watching television can help young viewers to develop ideas and a view of the world around them. TVs also influence the attitudes and behaviors people have, not just towards themselves but also the people around them. With the stronghold of television media, public opinions and cultures…

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