Global Gender Gap Report

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  • Relationship Between Media And Intercultural Communication

    The essay is divided into three parts. First part is media and intercultural communication. The essay will discuss the media and journalism become the mediator in intercultural communication, the positive and negative influence of media on intercultural communication and what kind of principles and suggestions should journalism take to become a better mediator in this part. The second part is new media and intercultural communication. In this part, the essay will talk about the…

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  • Glass Ceiling Case Study

    There is a large gender gap in top management positions as over half of the Australian workforce are female but only one in five Board directors and one in eight Board chairs are women (Workplace Gender Equality Agency, 2016). These circumstances and the glass ceiling exist despite efforts to improve gender equality in the workplace. The term, “glass ceiling”, which has been used in business academic literature…

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  • Gender Inequality In Mozambique

    primary school, more than half drop out by the fifth grade, only 11% continue on to study at the secondary level, and just 1% continue on to college Mozambique has made good progress in tackling gender equality in primary school education over the last decade, through improved training for school staff on gender issues…

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  • Sexism In Religion

    both the sexist and nonsexist views in the religions. This is important to understand because society has progressed in multiple ways, but still believes in sexist traditions. These traditions are influencing the 21st century and causing the gap between genders to still exist. Instead, today’s generation and future generations should analyze these…

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  • How Bill Gates Changed The World Essay

    “ This issue of maternity and paternity leave has been cause for debate recently, and some companies have been aiming to close the pay gap and end traditional gender roles around care giving and bread winning by offering equal maternity and paternity leave“-( or gender discrimination in employment involves treating someone unfavorably because of the person’s sex, whether they are trying to get a job or already have one. Although women have…

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  • Women Population Research Paper

    population around the world represents 49.6% of the global population; approximating 101 men for every women living on earth (worldmeters). China and India encompass the majority of the world’s female population, and in contrast, women make up less of the population that lived in Arab countries such as Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. Although, there is progress for women in many countries, there are still health and social issues inflicting the female gender. For instance, according to the World…

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  • Feminist Advantages Of Criminology

    within modern criminology. However Marxism and functionalism was first introduced within criminology during the 18th century which was the most dominant perspective and a positivist approach to crime. During the 18th century criminological thought was gender biased as most theorists where males studying male crime therefore creating a masculinity criminology. Criminology focused on male crime causing female crime to be predominantly ignored within the history of criminology. There are many types…

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  • Ancient Egyptian Revolution

    According to the UN development programme in 2002, the Middle East have witnessed high level of poverty, inequality, and gender gaps. All these factors have caused the Arab Spring. Although we have heard from the west about success stories of Egypt in terms of economic performance, according to the neo-liberal thinkers. However it has been argued that the rise of economy was due to the revolution. This statement can be questioned, as many left wings will argue that since introducing capitalism…

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  • Global Education Policy Analysis

    nation’s desires and plans to improve the lives of its people and to create financial and social progress. The duty of the policy brokers is to make the words stated in the first paragraph come true through organized, feasible and fair policies in global education (Education for All, 2012). The rationale for this policy brief is to assist those shouldered with creating workable policy to express a vision…

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  • Uganda Nakaseke MCT Case Study

    Background Due to differences in technological advancement and economic policies, levels of development and degrees of economic growth have historically fluctuated among countries. There is division between developed and developing countries creating major gaps and economic inequalities between countries. Also, there are inequality within countries, excluding many groups and individuals from the process of economic growth. Alongside increased inequality between and within countries, a concept…

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