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  • Thithi Movie Synopsis

    The plot synopsis of Ram Reddy’s Thithi (2016) indicates why such a simple film has consistently found its way to film festivals both national and international and has been already numbered among the most genuine examples of feature-length ethno filmmaking in Indian Cinema. The film Thithi, is about the death of a 101-year-old patriarch called Century Gowda and how three generations of his family react to his death. The opening sequence of the film begins with death of Century Gowda and the…

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  • Analysis Of Mr. Clean Clean Cleaner Of Your Dreams Commercial

    Nine months ago the Mr. Clean | Cleaner of Your Dreams commercial aired and it was a sensation. It has a strong appeal to pathos and logos but not a strong support on the ethos end. The timing, or kairos, for the commercial also played a big role in how well it did. The commercial stars Mr. Clean and another woman who he begins to clean with around the house. As simple as that may sound there are many intricacies that make this commercial an effective advertisement for it’s product. The timing…

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  • X-Men Film Analysis

    In the fall of 1963, writer Stan Lee created a comic about a fictional team of superheroes with incredible powers known as the X-Men. Since the first comic appeared there have been ongoing spin-offs created, and to this day over 400 issues of X-Men comics exist each with an abundance of volumes. The first X-Men movie came out in the year 2000 and the worldwide franchise has not stopped growing. A total of seven movies have been released, the latest being X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men:…

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  • Matt Damon's Cinematographic Achievements In The Film Industry

    Matt Damon Net Worth It is hard to make a list of Matt Damon’s cinematographic successes and achievements in the film industry. If we were to name the first movie that brought Damon his reputation as a great actor, it would probably be “Good Will Hunting” (1997), directed by Gus van Sant, where he starred next to the extraordinary Robin Williams (“The Dead Poets Society”), Ben Affleck (with whom Matt Damon co-wrote the script), and Stellan Skarsgård (“Breaking the Waves”). In the movie, Damon…

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  • The Third Man Film Analysis

    citing on the fact that he was well-known as a director, producer, writer, and actor in his own right. And the fact that he won an Academy Award eight years before for writing and Original Screenplay for Citizen Kane, and nominated for Best Director and Best Actor in a Leading Role for Citizen Kane. The versatile Welles often narrated numerous films like The Magnificent Ambersons (1942) and Duel in the Sun (1946), but he can also be seen as a confident actor in Jane Eyre (1943), The Stranger…

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  • Titanic James Cameron Research Paper

    John Philpott January 19, 2016 Titanic Final Draft The history of filmmaking in America goes way back to the early 1900’s. The film Titanic, written and directed by James Cameron in 1997, is the best film of all time. With the support of the countless awards it received in its favor, this film is loved by people all around the world. With the internet breaking out in this time period, the focus of this famous love story- tragedy was all over the World Wide Webinternet. Although James…

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  • Citizen Kane Critical Essay

    In the many critical essays on Citizen Kane, three different perspectives on its meaning have dominated analytical writing about that film: work that concentrates on the mythic characters of Kane; essays that analyze the kaleidoscopic narrative structure that shapes its story; and writing that offers detailed interpretations of the stylistic compositions in the film, such as its use of deep focus and dramatic editing techniques. With the first two types of analysis as a background, here I will…

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  • Alfred Hitchcock Auteur

    For the purpose of this essay, I will be demonstrating and evaluating whether the film director and producer, Sir Alfred Hitchcock was a “Metteur en scene” or an “auteur”, based on two of his films; Psycho (1960) and The Birds (1963). In other words, I’ll be evaluating whether he was a unique and outstanding filmmaker or if he was just like any other regular filmmaker. I’ll begin by giving a little background information about Alfred Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock was giving birth to in Leytonstone…

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  • John Williams Theme Movies

    Some films have a song so powerful and memorable that it sticks in the common consciousness like glue. Lots of movies have great soundtracks overall, whether original scores or creative selections of existing music, but it is more rare to find a single theme song that really captures the spirit of the movie and enjoys lasting fame of its own. A single bar from any one of these songs is enough to instantly recall the film, and important scenes come flooding back. Even for those who have never…

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  • The Impact Of Citizen Kane On The Film Industry

    Citizen Kane is considered by many to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest film of all time, and while I find the notion of labeling one movie as “the greatest film ever made” a bit overzealous, the contributions that Citizen Kane made to the film industry and the impact that it had on the audiences in its era is remarkable. Citizen Kane a substantial influence on the audience and the film industry through its use of innovative narrative style and technical cinematic elements that may not…

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