Giuseppe Verdi

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  • Ralph Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem

    Spanning approximately forty minutes, Ralph Vaughan Williams' Dona Nobis Pacem was first performed on October 2, 1936. Following World War I and preceding World War II, this suite of choral pieces appears to be a call for peace and a warning against war, perhaps directly referencing R. Vaughan Williams' own personal beliefs. Divided into six sections or movements, the text is taken from poems by Walt Whitman, John Bright, and passages of the Bible. These pieces are: "Agnus Dei", "Beat, beat,…

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  • Music In The Romantic Period

    The Romantic Period or Romanticism was a development in literature, music, and art that originated in Europe around 1800s. It was characterized by works that mirrored individual uniqueness, self-expression and emotions. In the musical scene, this period was seen in expansive symphonies, passionate songs and superb piano music. Compositions in this time showed intense energy and passion. It also drew inspiration from literature and art. There are a handful of composers who became known in the…

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  • Epicurus Vs. Lucretius

    If the ancient philosopher, Epicurus, gave the Sermon on the Mount, found in the New Testament, he would say: “Blessed are those who are untroubled and unperturbed, for they shall find serenity.” His enthusiastic follower, Lucretius, used his superb poetical gifts to draw his readers into the desire-reducing materialism of Epicureanism. He challenged others to live their lives by cultivating a balanced, peaceful way of being. Lucretius believed the attainment of this peace of mind was through a…

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  • Concert Review Sample

    to the concert I was listening with great concentration, trying to hear every aspect of the piece. I through the concert tried to find meaning and purpose in the music. The concert that I had attended was “Messa Da Requiem (1873)” composed by Giuseppe Verdi.” The individual pieces in this composition were “introit and Kyrie” “Dies irae” “Offertory” “Sanctus” “Angus Dei” “Lux aeterna” and “Libera me.” This concert was…

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