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  • Black Death Video Analysis

    For three horrifying years between 1348 to 1350 the Black Death pushed medieval men to the brink of an apocalypse. The living expected only death. In addition, the graveyards were choked with corpses. During this time, the world was filled with horror, and seemingly abandoned by God. From Italy to Ireland, half of the population died, which was about 20 million people. In this medieval time, the medicine failed the sick and violent and macabre religious cults appeared. In Italy, during the…

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  • Consequences Of Feudalism

    The demise of feudalism has several parts, with the first one being increased food production. Food has been established as a critical element of any society that seeks to advance (Appleby 2011, 51). Food production was allowed to be increased because of the innovation in the harnesses that were used for the horses and the iron plough share (White 1940, 154-155). Under a feudal system, agriculture was a labor intensive industry because the capital was an effective means of substitution. That…

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  • Movie Analysis: Pope Joan

    Thanalai May Tachapanich Media Literacy Webster University 26 June 2015 POPE JOAN ANALYSIS The movie started with a pope telling a story about the myth of Pope Joan, in 814BCE, this claim is a curiosity claim that poses a trial to the patriarchal nature of the Catholic Church, whereas women are prohibited from becoming priests and therefore cannot grasp each real locale of manipulation inside the institution. One of the arguments that present priests use opposing changing this discriminatory…

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  • Printing During Renaissance

     Venice monopolized 1/8th of all printed books  Illustrations increased book sales  How did printing affect the world?  Governments printed laws, declarations of war, and propaganda  Book banning and illegal book smuggling occurred  Mass publication of the Bible Art and the Artist/Art and Power  The 3 capitals of renaissance art : Florence, Rome, and Venice  During the Middle Ages and 1400s, the main subject of art was religion  Religious art pieces were created to keep people in the…

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  • Martha Nussbaum Cosmopolitanism Analysis

    Cosmopolitan Education: Attainable or simply unrealistic Did you realize that the currency of Indonesia is known as the Rupiah? If not, then perhaps the idea of learning about other countries and cultures is for you. Martha Nussbaum argues in her article Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism that the population should be educated in all things, not just things that happen on American soil. Nussbaum believes in the importance of knowing and understanding other cultures in order truly understand one’s…

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  • Informative Essay: Coping With The Black Death

    COPING WITH THE BLACK DEATH Name Ola Taji Student number: 999188383 “Religion, turned out of doors, will grieve. The treacherous and maleficent fellowship of priests and clergy, imperilled by their own failings, will be destroyed. No one will be given rest, poisoned arrows will strike everyone, fevers will throw down the proud, and incurable disease will strike like lightning” [Gaberial de’Mussis] Coping with the Black Death Our world has faced and coped with many different plagues…

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  • Black Plague Influence On Fine Arts

    The Black Plague’s Influence on the Fine Arts. The Black Plague was a catastrophe that shook humanity to its core. This disease was one of the most impactful epidemics in human history wiping out approximately one third of Europe’s population between 1347-1350 (Johnston 566). The Black Plague, or known by as its medical name, the Bubonic Plague, was a deadly disease tied to poor sanitation, and was extremely contagious. As explained in The Gale Encyclopedia of Science, “Humans became infected…

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