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  • After Mussolini What Analysis

    believers of the idea of the spiritual state. As Gentile wrote for Mussolini, “Those who are not worthy of remaining with us—are to be expelled when discovered” (Gentile 51). The articles I will be discussing are the Origins and Doctrine of Fascism by Giovanni Gentile and Benito Mussolini. I will also be examining the contrast between style and substance between Mussolini’s ideas as well as the document…

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  • Symbolism In Leda And The Swan By William Butler Yeats

    The poem ‘Leda and the Swan’ by William Butler Yeats retells a renown story from Greek mythology. According to the myth, Leda, a queen of Sparta, was raped or seduced by Zeus in the guise of a swan. Leda then gave birth to three eggs, one of which did not hatch. The other two gave life to Helen (of Troy) and Pollux, who are assumed to be children of Zeus, and Castor and Clytemnestra, children of Leda’s husband Tyndareus. In the poem, Yeats alludes to the Trojan war and depicts unusually violent…

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  • Summary: A View Of Eighteen Or So Side Columns

    Chat Sumlin A View of Eighteen or So Side Columns “A View of Eighteen Side Columns” by Giovanni Battista Piranesi a beautiful piece of art designed to be printed and bought by patrons. Its visual depiction of what can initially be associated with Roman architecture after the fall of its empire is what initially captivates the viewer into looking deeper. The painting communicates using the placement of seemingly foreign figures amongst ruins to signify the survival of life and human…

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  • Bartolomeo Vanzetti Fair Trial Essay

    The question of whether or not Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti received a fair trial is still in dispute today. Many people during the time of the case believed that the men were “executed on murder based on doubtful ballistic evidence” because of the hostility towards immigrants due to the Red Scare and World War 1 (“Perfect Suspects, Unfair Trials”). The evidence provided during the trial showed that the men were found guilty due to the fact that they were in anarchist groups and were…

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  • Why Is It Important To Civilize Ancient Egypt

    Today, in Egypt, we are left with the ruins of art and architecture. The pyramids, sphinxes, and tombs were torn apart by the later Egyptian Dynasties and destroyed by looters. Some of the loss of artifacts this have to do with time, earthquakes, and past looters, but the biggest culprits, that many do not think of first, are the early Egyptologists. It was all about getting the biggest and most impressive objects and not really about the importance of the object in context to the area. Because…

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  • What Is The Sacrifice Of Iphigenia?

    In the poem Iphigenia by Tennyson, Alfred, Lord and the painting "The Sacrifice of Iphigenia" by Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista They explain the idea the with all of your actions come consequences and Agamemnon's consequence was the sacrifice of his daughter. They took this story and created how they saw it because told an important lesson that needs to be taught to common day people. Iphigenia was a young girl whose father upset the goddess Artemis during the Trojan war and had to be sacrificed to…

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  • Early American Literature Essay

    The New World was a land observed as a place with unusual things and unusual people waiting to be discovered. Early American literature authors wrote about events they lived through with a bit of an overdramatic flair on trying to create an attention-grabbing performance. Captive narratives were popular amongst colonists due and to continue to maintain their faith despite how challenging the situation may be, and is also the type of story two out of three of the authors will be reviewed under.…

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  • Sacred Music In The Middle Ages

    Church starts their own reform called the Counter- Reformation. This reform proved the power of music and its ability to affect the hearts and minds of those faithful to the Church. Through everything, one of the most important Renaissance composers Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina stayed dedicated to his music and the Church. His music “included 104 masses and 450 other sacred works; it is best understood against the background of the Counter-Reformation.” For decades and even still to this…

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  • The Importance Of Moral And Spiritual Choices

    Human beings having an absolute free will to choose their moral and spiritual path were taught by Pico della Mirandola. I do not agree with what Pico della Mirandola had taught because human beings do not have absolute free will to choose their moral and spiritual path. Pico della Mirandola once said “therefore, every human being has absolute freedom to choose whatever place in the “great chain of being” he or she may choose.” By saying “great chain of being” Pico della Mirandola is using that…

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  • Lao Tzu's Analysis

    Throughout the course of Cultural Perspectives, many texts and authors who have contributed to the Great Conversation have been discussed. Ultimately, each author is attempting to find his or her summum bonum or “highest good.” Although each author has a different definition of summum bonum, the majority agrees on the method required to attain the highest good: balance. Whether that balance be implicitly or explicitly accredited for the summum bonum differs for each author. Lao Tzu’s thoughts…

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