Gilmore Girls

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  • Wrigley Advertisements

    teeth.” The last advertisement is a commercial from this October of this year. It is titled, the story of Sarah and Juan. It is a love story of a boy and girl starting in high school. It takes you through their love story moment by moment from when they first lock eyes until when he proposes. At different times through their blossoming romance, the girl would give the boy a piece of extra gum and each time the boy would save the wrapper and draw a picture of the what they were doing at that…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Boy Who Wants To Be A Princess For Halloween

    little boy wants to be a princess for Halloween, and then a little girl wants to be Spiderman. Onlookers speak up but tend to side with the mom who does not want her son to be a princess or "Bell" for Halloween. The little girl who wants to wear the Spiderman costume her mother is also supported by some of the onlookers. The mom tells the boy he needs to find a boy costume and several onlooking children tell him that 's for little girls. The mothers in this clip have obvious issues with…

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  • Women Dress In The 1930s

    and young girls should be themselves and not feel as if they have to act a certain way in order to fit into society. The 1930’s were a very hard time for many Americans, but it was an especially difficult time for women. As men lost their jobs,…

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  • Observation Of Girl Toys

    walked down the aisles, they were usually separated between boys, girls, and for all genders. You can tell by the color of the aisle. The girl aisle was mostly done in pink and purple. The boy aisle was mostly done with blue and green. I even noticed that the writing on the packages were even different. The girl toys had a more feminine writing and the boy toys were in a bold, manly writing. The girl toys usually had a picture of a girl playing with the toy and with the boy toys they had a…

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  • Becoming A Feminist Analysis

    History class, openly discussing and defending women and how poorly they were treated in earlier societies. Almost every other girl alongside her in class agrees with and applauds her opinion, yet a boy across the room is defending men’s rights, and after class he is slapped multiple times across the face and back because he is wearing a “MENINIST” shirt. Though the girl wants equality for her rights, she cannot claim the responsibility that comes with it, by slapping the boy and having it…

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  • Essay On Sexuality In The Sound And The Fury

    Sexuality in The Sound and The Fury Throughout William Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury, the patriarchal construct of virginity controls women through the creation of fences -- both physical and metaphorical barriers. Traditionally, when a Southern girl reaches adulthood, she is expected to settle down and raise her children, obeying her husband as the family patriarch. These Southern power structures are like fences in that they have traditionally restricted women’s sexual activity; when…

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  • 'Female Empowerment In Alecia Moore's Stupid Girls'

    In the video a satanic p!nk sits on her right shoulder and on her left shoulder sits an angel. The satanic p!nk wants the girl to follow the traditional gender roles while the p!nk angel wants her to be courageous and ambitious. This whole music video portrays female empowerment and supports it by using the metaphor of the angel and devil. She has a great influence for women…

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  • Joy Movie Analysis

    Taking Joy in Work: A Critical Analysis of Gendered and Racial Stereotypes in Joy The new blockbuster film, Joy, showed a lot of promise. It was billed as a woman persevering and marketing her new invention: the self-wringing mop. Presuming it would be a refreshing and feminist portrayal of women in the workplace was ultimately disappointing, though. While the film did have one or two poignant moments, the bad outweighed the good. The movie was based on a true story, so I fear audiences will let…

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  • Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Stereotypes

    Connie, the main character of “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? ”, is a personification of both the stereotypical and actual depiction of rebellion. Many individuals feel that rebellion is an involuntary phase of the teenage years. She has a tendency to disobey the spoken and unspoken, yet implied, wishes of her parents. She reduces the likelihood of being caught in her mutinous acts by assuming a double life. Her clothes, attitudes, and actions all differ depending on where she is and…

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  • In Always Commercial Analysis

    the comment “like a girl.” People have heard this comment and immediately think of it as an insult. Always’ commercial uses emotional appeals to empower girls, make “like a girl” a positive statement, and show how great it is to be a girl. The commercial is also easy for young women and girls to relate to. The commercial begins with a teenage girl auditioning for a role and the message “What does it mean to be a girl?” on the screen. The director asks the girl to run like a girl. The teenager…

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