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  • Personal Narrative: My Test In Health Science Class

    As I was laying in my bed, I knew something was not right. When I looked at my alarm clock, I realized that I overslept an hour. I jumped out of bed to quickly get ready for school. By then I knew that this would be one of the longest days of my life. I never thought as I walked out of my house that morning that I would be scared to come back through it that afternoon. I walked through the doors with my best friend as the warning bell was ringing. Audri said, “I forgot about my test in…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Santana Adventures

    of the bed I flew, quickly changed and ready to get into the car to drive to the airport. Whereas my parents were slowly getting ready, claiming we “had time”. Dad caught me as I was hurrying around the house. “Slow down honey! We aren’t leaving for another fifteen minutes!” “Fifteen! Can’t we just leaving now? We have everything! And Kari is ready even!” My little sister gazed up at dad as if confirming what I had said. “Why don’t you get in the car with Kari, and we’ll be right out,…

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  • Creating Customer Experience

    had more than what they actually had but that they didn’t carry some things we were looking for. Later as we ventured the Sprint store the employee approached us and asked us about what we were looking for. While he was helping up we were able to get a better glimpse of the face of Sprint. Being a salesman you’d expect to be cleaned up and better taken care of. His outfit had minor imperfections like rips and holes in his pants. His breath smelt kind of bad where you don’t want to continue a…

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  • Smart Board Essay

    It’s Smart to Use Smart Board It’s Monday and your alarm clock has been screaming obnoxiously in your ear for the past 15 minutes. The next thing you hear is your mother yelling up the stairs that it’s “time to get up for school,” as if your alarm clock wasn’t already making that statement obvious. Some children struggle with understanding why school is such an important part of their development. They simply lack the motivation, not only to get up for school, but also in participating in the…

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  • Bine Drinking On Campus Essay

    campuses are peer pressure, a relief from stress, and risk taking. The first factor which contributes to college students binge drinking on campus is peer pressure. Peer pressure is a major problem for students, especially freshman. When students first get on campus, they want to meet new people, and will do anything…

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  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay

    In this paper I will be doing my research on one of the most controversial topics right now. That is, should marijuana be legalized for the public’s use? There are many drugs out there for consumption, the main two being cigarettes, and alcohol. Therefor in my paper I will use cigarettes and alcohol as a basis to research if marijuana should be legalized. In this country, there should be a valid reason for something to be illegal. Cannabis has been around for many centuries being used for many…

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  • Binge Drinking Research Paper

    States. Most alcohol that is consumed by anyone, is consumed during a binge. You never really notice if you binge drink after drinking for a while because your body just starts to get used to it. Most binge drinkers just don’t know how to hold back, they get so caught up in the feeling that they get. When you drink enough to get a blood alcohol level of 0.08 it is considered binge drinking and it is when you are noticeably…

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  • Substance Abuse In College Sports Essay

    Alcohol may be the most common drug used amongst college athletes. Generally, most of these athletes blatantly ignore the factors that are detrimental to achieving the optimal performance they are searching for. Often times, athletes may find themselves with little spare time to go out drinking and partying, but that little time may be spent binge drinking and getting heavenly intoxicated. Overtime, professionals have documented the effects of alcohol and how it adversely effects being on top…

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  • Binge Drinking Causes

    Living in a small town, with a population little over 2,500, life on the weekends can get very monotonous. Some kids resort to playing sports and staying active, while others choose to curl up in their favorite blanket with an action packed film. Others, who do not do either of those things, may happen to choose a more wild and illicit behavior. What students and peers choose to do on the weekend is their business; not anyone else’s. It is, however, the schools and athletic department’s business…

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  • Binge Drinking: A Public Health Issue

    How binge drinking is a public health issue Sexual assaults, dangerous driving, crimes and bad health are often associated with binge drinking. The NIH reported that up to 50% of all sexual assault cases such as rape involve alcohol consumption of either the predator or the victim. predator (NIH, National Institute on Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism.) When an individual is under the influence of alcohol they are less controlled of their bodies, they are less aware of what is happening around them…

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