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  • What Is A Labyrinth?

    As the arrangement of 38 timber columns in Wisdom Path forms a figure “8” pattern which means infinity makes the secret spot looking extraordinary, we would like to develop this concept into our design by forming the shape of art installation to look like a circle instead of the “8” pattern. It will be too direct if we use the figure “8” pattern in our design as it will be like an imitating artwork of the wisdom path therefore we came up with an idea which is to form a circle shape for the art…

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  • The NAPLAN Test

    Introduction The NAPLAN test ( is for both primary and secondary schools to assess the performance of Australian students against minimum national standards (Reys et al., 2012). With this in mind the approach to answering the questions was to work through all parts of the questions just like a student would, to form an understanding of the process and methods a student taking the test would perform. The questions were not overly difficult to conceptualise, however, working…

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  • Modern Day Math Research Paper

    The History of Mathematics Almost from the beginning, math or rather counting has been part of human existence. Close to the time language was discovered, humans have be using there indexes to begin counting. Counting seasons, counting days, along with keeping track of passing time have all been a part of earlier human civilizations. Prehistoric artifacts dating back over 20,000 years have suggested that early humans made attempts to quantify time. Therefore, it is no accident, that the…

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  • How Did Islam Influence Western Civilization

    Over a 100 year span the Muslim empire spread over a huge are and was able to establish itself. During these times churches and synagogues were protected. Also the Muslim-Empire was governed by dark fundamentalism and barbarianism. Muslims had their hand in many things including math. These mathematicians were the ones who developed the decimal number system and invented algebra and trigonometry. In the realm of medicine Muslim physicians knew about blood circulation long before anyone else in…

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  • Trisine Functions: Definition Of Sine Ratios In A Triangle

    Then formula is cosα=b/c=(adjacent leg)/hypotenuse Here is also a diagram for easier understanding. The Law of cosines The law of cosine first appears in Euclid’s Elements, which is one of the very first textbook of geometry. If we got a triangle ABC and if angle β is an acute angle then we use the following formula to calculate sides: We can use the law of cosines in a triangle to calculate angles and sides of triangle. For that to happen we must already know two sides…

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  • Aryabhatiyam Case Study

    CTET FEB (2016) - PAPER 2 SOCIAL STUDIES 44. (4) Famous Indian mathematician Aryabhata wrote the famous Aryabhatiyam book. The Aryabhatiyam is reference manual for mathematics and many of its facts and figures are still used in the modern society. The book was written in Sanskrit language and comprises 121 verses. 45. (2) Lord Buddha delivered his first lesson at Sarnath to his five beloved disciples (name). The very first lesson delivered by Lord Buddha is popularly known as Dharmachakra…

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  • Donald Duck Analysis

    The journey Donald Duck is taking in this short film tells the origins of mathematics and how mathematics can be found in everyday life. The film shows you how it all began by taking Donald back to ancient Greece. Pythagoras is the father of mathematics and he showed us how everything does in fact include math in it. Pythagoras learned that from taking one thread of string and dividing it in half then dividing that in half and so on, he learned they each have their own tones due to each length…

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  • Geometry Of Fire Analysis

    Stillwater, Oklahoma, recently opened the Oklahoma State University Art Museum. This museum has had various exhibitions since it’s opening, including the James Rosenquist Exhibition. One of the most talked about pieces of the exhibition is Geometry of Fire. Geometry of Fire is an oil painting on canvas that measures 128 inches by 300 inches. The painting itself takes up a whole wall in the museum, which forces the view to stand at the opposite wall of the room if they would like to see the…

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  • Ex-Touch Triangle Essay

    If R and r is the Circumradius and Inradius of a non-degenerate triangle then due to Euler we have an Inequality stated as and the equality holds when the triangle is equilateral. This ubiquitous inequality occurs in the literature in many different equivalent forms [4] and also Many other different simple approaches for proving this inequality are known. (some of them can be found in [2], [3], [5], [17], and [18] ). In this article we present a proof for this Inequality based on two basic…

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  • Conic Sections Case Study

    Degenerate Cases of Conic Sections: Conics are formed when a plane and a double cone intersect. These intersections can form a variety of conics. These include: circles, parabolas, ellipses and hyperbolas. A circle can be formed from a cone if a plane intersects with the cone at an angle perpendicular to the base of the cone. This circle is also formed by the equation: (x-h)2+ (y-k)2=r2. This equation creates a relation because the collection of points does not pass the vertical line test. To…

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