Genetic predisposition

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  • Zno Np Case Study

    4. Discussion ZnO NPs are known to be cytotoxic and genotoxic in vitro and in vivo [9; 24-26]. However there is a lack of information where immunomodulatory effects of ZnO NPs are considered. Since, in vitro system cannot mimic the complexity of an in vivo system; hence in vivo is preferred for the toxicological evaluation. In the present study BALB/c mice were chosen as the in vivo model due to their immunocompetence and similarity with human metabolic activity, biochemical and physiological…

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  • Analysis Of Cajanus Cultivar

    In order to evaluate the efficiency of RAPD-PCR fingerprinting for Cajanus cajan L. cultivar, the DNA templates for 7 RAPD primers banding modality were used. The total number of magnified fragments in the Cajanus cajan L. cultivar value of each primer was represented in Table 2. Total of 18 bands were obtained for all primers. The size of the amplified bands was ranged between 1000 bp and 300 bp. Primers OP-A5, OP-B4, OP-B9, OP-C5 and OP-E15 showed at least three specific fragments. Primer…

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  • Bluetongue Case Study

    1. ABSTRACT: A total of 552 serum samples of sheep, goats and cattle from different localities at Assiut governorate, Egypt were screened for qualitative analysis of the BTV antibodies using a commercial competitive ELISA (cELISA) kit. The results showed an overall percentage of BTV positive sheep, goats and cattle serum samples were 41.86%, 24% and 85.42% respectively. A highest percentage of seropositivity was found in Arab El- Awamer farm(100%), followed by Abnoub( 63. 64%), Sedfa(11.…

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  • Case Study Of Pharmacogenomics

    affect an individual’s response to drugs. This is a new field that combines pharmacology (the science of drugs) and genomics (the study of genes and their functions) to develop fruitful, safe medicines and doses that will be customized to a human genetic makeup. Now drugs that are available are “one size fits all,” but they do not effective for every person. It is very tough to augur that a person get benefit from drug or not, and whether the drug has a side effects .Negative side effects of…

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  • Cell Control Mechanism Of A Model Genetic Terminator System Case Study

    Aim: To understand cell control mechanism of a model genetic terminator system and to develop potential termination strategies through computational modelling . Motivation: The aim of IGEM- IISER Pune team is to develop a rapid, cost effective, sensitive and portable device for detection of tuberculosis. We adopt a three component tuberculosis diagnosing device consisting of 1 Hijacking Module which would take over cell cycle control inducing rapid replication 2 Detection…

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  • The Importance Of Knowledge

    The natural sciences are very much paradigmatic in nature. As outlined by Thomas Kuhn, the natural sciences are revolutionary as opposed to “normal”; Kuhn argues that in “normal science”, scientific progress is limited to the scope of the current paradigm itself. Revolutionary science deals with paradigm shifts, in which there is a change in the basic assumptions of a scientific theory. Paradigmatic thinkers, however, are often disregarded and brushed off due to their dynamic views. For example,…

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  • Nature Vs. Nurture Study

    The famous discussion of nature vs. nurture was somewhat interrupted by the realization that both aspects, genetics and environment, have important input in individuals. By combining the studies of genetics and psychology it is possible to correlate results from the fields and search for possible, and hopefully specific, genes involved in the expression of certain traits. For instance, Poulin et al (2011) explored the relationship between receptor genes of oxytocin and vasopressin and prediction…

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  • The Influence Of DNA Testing On African Americans

    fundraising and saving money. According to their study more people showed interest to for taking the genetic testing despite the price especially because individuals consider the test essential for their family rather than personal advantage. And the researchers learnt that amount of money one is ready to pay for the testing is directly related to the income. For instance, wealthier welcomed the diagnostic genetic testing which is expected. Also, younger people valued more the testing than the…

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  • Heritability Of Intelligence Essay

    how much genetic variance can account for the variations of cognition that are observed in the human population (Plomin et al, 2013). Over the years, we have in some ways learned an immense amount about intelligence, yet when reading even the most recent reports it appears that we know hardly anything at all. One thing that most scientists can agree upon, is that fact that intelligence is a polygenic…

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  • Lohoken-Senior Syndrome

    eye disease (“Løken-Senior Syndrome” 2003). Estimates show that most rare diseases have identified genetic origins (“Rare Disease” n.d., para 5). In addition, genetic research has suggested that a large number of genetic disorders that were not previously identified as related are actually highly related in the genotypical root cause of the disorders. Løken-Senior syndrome is a type of genetic disorder that affects more than one part of the body, and known as a ciliopathy (“Senior-Løken…

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