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  • Generational Gap Analysis

    we suffer from an epidemic known as the generational gap. Essentially, this signifies the recurring misunderstanding, hostility, and general distrust that older generations in America have, such as the baby boomers, for the young, up-and-coming generation Y. This tense conflict has resulted in many stereotypes formed about our generation, including laziness and entitlement. In her Business Insider article, writer Vivian Giang contends that our overreliance on technology has resulted in two…

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  • Analysis Of Generation Nice By Sam Tanenhaus

    positive associations to the word, or attempt to shut it out? Over time, there has been much controversy over the Millennial generation and what they have contributed or not contributed to society. The New York Times article “Generation Nice” by Sam Tanenhaus discusses the Millennial generation and provides explanations in response to several arguments proposed about the generation. Tanenhaus argues that Millennials are not a narcissistic group, but a complicated and reflective one focused on…

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  • Benni Mumford Model Capacity Model

    Essay 1 In Leading for a Lifetime, Bennis distinguished between two “eras” that he called Geezers and Geeks. The Geezer era lasted from 1945-1955 they are now mostly seventy years or older. The main event that impacted the Geezers perspective was World War two. WWII involved most of the world and created a huge social change within America. While most American men were away fighting in the war, everyone within the United States were doing “their part” to help with the war; women began working…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Dumbest Generation

    Mark Bauerlein decided to publish a book called The Dumbest Generation, I’m pretty sure that nobody in our generation will be happy knowing that someone out there called us the dumbest generation, but I have to admit that he had a few pretty good points on our generation. My parents still have the habit of reading books and they still enjoy it, but I don’t see much from our generation, for example, when you see people from my parents generation goes to a salon while waiting, they often find a…

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  • Cultural Change In The Workplace

    In the international competition for talent, emigration of skilled workforces - brain drain - can result in an extremely malicious drag on the talent pools of source country. Likewise, industries and companies are battling for Millennials, or Gen Y, or Echo Boomers, whatever we choose to call them. In today’s economy, the best way to protect and attract these assets is adjusting organizational culture. Cultural change and engagement are no longer the exclusive topics for Human Resource to…

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  • Misguided Millennials

    The Musings of a Misguided Millennial Millennial /miˈlenēəl/ noun 1. A term coined by William Strauss and Neil Howe in 1987 to describe the generation with birth years ranging from the early 1980’s to 2000’s. Millennials are often described as tech-savvy, connected, sheltered, collaborative, and adventurous. Also see: Me me me Generation, Generation Y As a member of the millennial nation, I can affirm on behalf of my peers that these descriptions apply to many of us. Born during the Dot…

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  • Parents Raising Their Children Research Paper

    Some say that lack of parenting is the reason why this world’s generation of children are rude, disrespectful, spoiled and failures. The world is looking at our generation in fear. The lack of knowledge from the parents and how they are raising their children is causing an uproar with the Y generation. I believe that parents want their children to grow up to fast. When I say this I mean teaching your child at a young are too much. I don’t mean educationally I mean the basic street smarts or the…

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  • 'Rhetorical Analysis Of Joel Stein's Millennial Generation'

    entitled to everything this world has to offer, that is exactly how the millennial generation is perceived. The millennial generation is “lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow,” this is the opinion of American Journalist, Joel Stein, in his blog post, “Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation.” Stein’s purpose is to not downgrade the millennial generation in his post, but to enlighten the audience that, statistically; the generation is very self-absorbed and consistently lazy and entitled. Stein…

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  • Analysis Of Decoded By Jay-Z

    In “Decoded”, Jay-Z discusses his life in hip-hop. He connects his career to past artists and events in history. Jay-Z has become one of the most influential people in hip-hop. He has been a prominent figure for decades in music. Jay-Z’s influence on other artists has changed hip-hop’s history itself. The stories of his past, which he shares in “Decoded”, are a part of history because they all shaped his career and made hip-hop what it is today. In “Decoded”, Jay-Z shares a few moments…

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  • Millennials: The Importance Of Diversity In Our Society

    Every day, whether you are listening to the radio, watching TV, or even at school you will hear someone or a group of people talking about my generation (the Millennials) and how screwed or ignorant we are. In some ways they are right, but are we really as incompetent as they think? We know more about technology than our parents and grandparents, we are creative and optimistic when it comes to work, and we have a better understanding with the need to help others. Also, we stay connected to…

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