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  • Paper On Linear Wave Theory

    LINEAR WAVE THEORY Linear wave theory can be defined as first-order, small amplitude gravity wave with a sinusoidal shape. This theory has been developed by Airy in 1845. It is easy to apply and give reasonable approximation of wave characteristic for a wide range of wave parameters. However, in some situations, waves are better described by higher order theories or also referred as finite-amplitude wave theories. Although there are limitations to its application, linear theory is still useful…

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  • John Gaddis 'The Family: A World History'

    According John Gaddis in “The Landscape of History” he explores the question of “What do historians do?”, along with the various ways in which they conduct their research to ultimately document history. In comparison to Mary Jo Maynes and Ann Waltner’s book “The Family: A World History” they approach history from the perspective of the family. Maynes and Waltner explore the history of the family and its influence on religion and politics. Though both books explore contrasting arguments, we can…

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  • Solipsism Vs Reality

    Throughout my life, my thoughts and beliefs about the world have changed drastically as I’ve encountered strange scenarios within the world. Of all my beliefs, the one that may be the strangest is one that is similar to what solipsists believe, but I feel it is more in line with relativity. The core of solipsism is that only the self and mind can be to be true while the outside world does not exist. While my belief may seem to be very similar to this, it differs in numerous important aspects.…

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  • Explain The Environmental Challenges In The Automotive Industry

    led to several large manufacture mergers in the late 1990’s. However this was not a phenomenon restricted to the U.S. domestic market. In 1998 European Daimler-Benez A.G. merged with Chrysler to become DaimlerChrysler. Ford merged with Volvo and General motors with Saab. These mergers have consolidated the industry to some extent. However as all the manufactures continue to produce a product very similar in quality, features, technology, and ultimately in value, there is intense rivalry…

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  • General Motors: Company Analysis

    General Motors is a global automotive company united by a single purpose:” To earn customers for life.” This statement is the foundational promise for which General Motors bases its customer commitment upon. GM is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufacturers, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts, and sells financial services. They make a commitment to treat every customer with respect and to care about the customer, not only when they purchase a new vehicle,…

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  • NASA Space Mission

    For over 55 years, humans have been flying in space. With an understanding of evolution, it has always been assumed that human bodies have adapted to the gravitational force found here on Earth. The space station and the shuttle that most NASA astronauts will stay in orbits 350 km above Earth, with a gravitational pull 90% stronger than it is on the ground (NASA Space Bones). Giancoli describes objects orbiting the Earth as feeling weightless because they are, in essence, free falling towards…

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  • Navistar International Corporation Case Study

    Navistar International Corporation is currently America's largest manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks. Until 1986, Navistar was known as International International Harvester, a leading manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery, with 47 manufacturing plants. Years of dramatic financial losses, however, forced the company to sell off these primary businesses to focus on the production of diesel trucks, a move that necessitated the layoff of thousands of workers and…

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  • Why Is Lego The Most Ingenious Toy In The World?

    In the chapter “Democritus, Sophie is asked “Why is Lego the most ingenious toy in the world?”(Gaarder 44). This question then leads to the philosopher, Democritus, who is known for the atom theory. Alike the structure of legos, he believed all atoms that made up the universe were “eternal, immutable, and indivisible”(Gaarder 45). Furthermore, Democritus believed all atoms were firm and solid and were all different. Since they were all different, he thought they could join together and form all…

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  • Epistemology In The Film Inception

    1.0 Introduction “Well, dreams, they feel real while we’re in them, right? It’s only when we wake up then we realize that something was actually strange” (McCateer, 2010). Inception is a science-fiction movie, which was produced and directed by Christopher Nolan in 2010. ‘Inception’ as a concept refers to the situation when you plant an idea in someone’s mind without his or her knowledge of it happening (Rivera, 2012). The movie explores the ability to differentiate dreams from reality (Malcolm…

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  • A Beautiful Mind Plot

    Plot of the Movie A Beautiful Mind is a biographical movie shot in 2001 by an American director Ron Howard. It is based on the story of the American mathematician John Nash, who was a Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics. The main actor Russell Crowe, starring as the professor J. Nash, is the promising scientist that demonstrates success in mathematics. He wins the famous scholarship at Princeton University (Lee, 2009), where he creates interesting concepts. Meanwhile, Nash starts working for the…

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