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  • Spiegelman's Use Of Deontology In Maus: A Survivors Tale

    Comic have been one of the newest forms of literature, with the first comic strips being introduced nearly 120 years ago. One cartoonist who has been instrumental to comics gaining notoriety in recent years is Art Spiegelman, who drew and wrote Maus: A Survivors Tale. This series of comics gives a detailed account of Art’s Father, Vladek Spiegelman and his survival of the Holocaust. While the world is no stranger to Holocaust literature, Maus brought the genre to comics in a manner which takes…

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  • Calvin And Hobbes The Voice Of The Lonely Child Analysis

    Writing a persuasive essay can be done in various ways. In Libby Hill’s essay “Calvin and Hobbes: The Voice of the Lonely Child”, she uses methods such as emotional appeal and testimony to connect to her readers. In Melissa Rubin’s essay, “Advertisements R Us”, she uses a very different approach as to how she persuades her reader. Rubin concentrates on logical appeal and historical facts to prove her claims. Both of these essays present reasonable arguments in different techniques as to what…

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  • What Is It Like To Be A Bat By Nagel

    If there was one article that really stuck out to me throughout the semester, it has to be Nagel’s “What Is It Like to Be a Bat”. It’s concept and philosophy fixed itself into me and I tried applying those ideas to other articles as we went on. This article addresses one of the big questions of consciousness that tends to float around when discussing philosophy, which is what is it like to be something other than yourself? It isn’t too often that you debate on whether or not something or someone…

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  • Zap Comix Case Study

    Created in 1968 and running until 2016, Zap Comix was a ground-breaking and defying comic book that defied convention and societal law (Comic Code) it became a model for the Comix movement. A comic that has evolved with the ages taking a progressive and often regressive stance on ‘hot topics’ of the time. In Zap Comix Issue 1 Crumb describes himself as a ‘raving lunatic’ through the use of self-caricatures in this case; Flakey Foont and Mr. Natural. Showing from the get-go Crumb wasn’t one to…

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  • Importance Of Training In Hotel Industry

    Management Training. Nowadays, the hospitality industry is developing rapidly. A person with sufficient knowledge to work in this industry will never be unemployed, as the need for qualified personnel is growing. In recent years, the wide expansion of services in hotels make a lot of opportunities in career promotion, and to hire well-trained personnel is seen as one of the main tasks of the HR staff. Keep good employees in the hotel is only possible if he/she will have perception of career…

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  • Casinos Harmful For Society

    Introduction The largest casino hotel in the world is The Venetian Macau. “This casino hotel is so huge that you could fit 90 Boeing 747 jumbo jets into it” (Rechtig, 2009) Square feet: 546,000 Gaming machines: 3,000 Table and poker games: 870 Restaurants and bars: 24 Hotel rooms: 3,000 CITATION A casino hotel is composed of casinos with accommodation provided in a local hotel. Customers can enjoy of both buildings at once. Since the casino and hotel located in the same premises, guests at…

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  • Describe An Ancient Roman Villa

    Living in an ancient roman villa was the equivalent to going to a five star hotel. Only elite wealthy Romans lived in a villa. It was a lavish country home located in the surrounding hills of Rome. The purpose of a villa was to escape the chaos of the city. The majority of the homes were in excess of 9,000 square feet. These extraordinary homes were of the highest quality and extravagantly decorated. “The villa, on its face, seems to be the simplest of Roman domestic buildings to understand”…

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  • Mgm Case Study Hrm

    MGM is one of the leading gaming and hospitality resorts in the world. MGM opened its first hotel and casino in 1973. The MGM Grand would fallow opening in 1978. MGM entered in the hospitality in 1986 when they began MGM international resorts. MGM would become incorporated shortly after. MGM has received praise for their excellence in the world of gaming and hospitality. MGM has also been widely recognized for their philanthropic effort. MGM has several charitable undertakings both locally as…

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  • Las Vegas Financing Case Study

    Each year, men, women, and families travel to the brilliant and exciting city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The city has much to offer, including lots of trouble. Whether people travel for business or pleasure, there are often times when the ending of the trip is formidable. When this happens, it is very important to know what to look for when choosing an attorney and a Las Vegas bail bondsman. There are hundreds of bondsmen in Las Vegas. Each one is different from the others. They offer a different…

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  • Atlantis Casino Persuasive Speech

    The antidote for the Angst of Las Vegas: Reno's Atlantis Casino I've been to Las Vegas on several occasions and every time I go, the same panicky feeling comes over me about 24 hours into the trip. What's next? What must I do? Have I gone to the New York place, been inside the big green lion head? Did I see Paris? What's going on with the new gravity-defying roller-coaster in the sparkling new 80,000-room theme hotel that was built in about 16 days? I always feel as though I haven't done…

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