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  • Health Benefits Of Breast-Feeding

    Breast-feeding is a natural process where young infants can get their nutritional intake, which means young infants would be healthier and have a lower risk of getting infections and serious health problems. Not only does breast-feeding prevent the young infant from infections and serious health problems, it also creates an emotional bond between the mother and the young infant. Breast-feeding has benefits for both the young infant and the mother. The importance is that, through breast-feeding…

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  • King's Restaurant: Vicarious Liability

    and she collapsed. The restaurant bill cost £200, which Carlos reluctantly paid in order to avoid any further embarrassment. Soon after, Carlos took Janet home as she continued to feel ill. The contamination of the cake caused Janet to suffer gastroenteritis for several days. Both Janet and Carlos were mortified at the turn of events and their potential romance did not recover. However, as they…

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  • My Experience Of D. P. Singh

    Dr. D. P. Singh's Experience at JKC Mangarh I, Dr. D.P.Singh completed my M.B.B.S. course in 1970 from Allahabad Medical College (U.P.) and started medical practice through a small Nursing Home at Kunda, Distt. Pratapgarh (U.P.) in 1971, the place I belong to. It was 1974 when I came in touch to the divine soul Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj and became a devotee along with my wife Dr. Smt. Meera Singh. This is the place I got peace and happiness. Under the guidance and inspiration of His…

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  • Canine Parvovirus Enteritis

    Canine parvovirus (CPV) enteritis is a common cause of acute, severe gastroenteritis in young dogs. Dogs at greatest risk are less than 6 months of age and either unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated for canine parvovirus. Dogs vaccinated with over-the-counter vaccines also appear to have a higher incidence of parvovirus likely due to ineffective vaccine or improper use. Early clinical signs of parvovirus enteritis include anorexia, lethargy, diarrhea and vomiting. Parvovirus enteritis has…

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  • Autonomy Vs. Shame And Doubt: A Case Study

    Social History: The patient happily lives with both parents and two siblings (one brother and one sister) in a house. The parents do not smoke. They do not have any pets. Patient does not go to day care and there is no one else sick at home Erickson’s Stage: Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt • This stage focuses on the child becoming independence and making their own choice. The patient is successfully completing this stage a s evidence by, patient walking away from mother and father to pick up a toy.…

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  • Donoghue

    Introduction The case of M’Alister (or Donoghue) v Stevenson , a dispute originally arising in Scotland by an action brought in the Court of Session and finally heard in the House of Lords (‘UKHL’), was the landmark case in separating the law of tort from the law of contract. It was also instrumental in developing the doctrine of negligence and duty of care and helped to further establish the neighbour principal in English law. This paper sets out: (a) the material facts of the Donoghue case;…

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  • Personal Narrative-Footprints On Our Hearts

    In the 3 years I have had Kaya I have not taken her to the vet once other than for her regular vaccination visits. Whereas Kaylee has gone to the veterinarian over 6 times for health issues. Kaylee has visited the veterinarian for gastroenteritis four times and twice for two different parasites, Giarrdia and Cocidia. She has also been taken two times to an emergency veterinarian. Once for a cut on her foot received while running away from one of my friends in a riverbed and another time…

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  • Deep Vein Thrombosis Case Study

    Patient comes into the Emergency Room with a chief complaint of swelling and extreme pain in the left leg. After awaiting triage, the patient is finally seen by the physician. Temperature 96.8˚F, Heart Rate 129 beats per minute, Blood Pressure 102/60, Respiratory Rate 23, SPO2 100% on room air. Upon examination of his left leg, it is undeniably blue in color with significant swelling as compared to the right. Superficial veins are noticeably distended and the leg is cool to the touch. A Duplex…

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  • Water Pollution In Florida

    Water is Florida’s best natural resource in the Sunshine State simply because it surrounds all of Florida and it is what draws people to our state. There are two big beautiful oceans that surround the state of Florida. There are also several lakes, rivers, springs and other bodies of water. Although, the biggest problem in Florida is the pollution going into Florida’s waterways; everyone has a role on the pollution. Homeowner’s are a part of the problem because they are trying to keep their…

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  • Health Benefits Of Asthma

    Asthma is a progressive inflammatory disease of the small bronchial airways constricting, causing the client difficulties in exhaling, that leads to breathlessness and wheezing. An herbal tincture focus on repairing the lungs membranes and increasing strength and vitality of the respiratory system includes Lobelia, a bronchodilator and antispasmodic which will support the repairing. It is thought to stimulate the respiratory center of the brain resulting in deeper and stronger breathing.…

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