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  • Courage In Edmond Rostand's Cyrano De Bergerac

    French poet and dramatist, Edmond Rostand, in his romantic drama, Cyrano de Bergerac, depicts the major differences between courage and cowardice through contrasts in his characters. His purpose is to give the reader different impressions for each character. Rostand establishes a dramatic and challenging tone in order to effectively convey to his readers of early 17th-century France that there is a distinct difference how courage and cowardice can define the characters, as well as the major role both traits play in developing the thoughts and actions of the characters. Courage is one of the most important characteristics of Cyrano de Bergerac’s worthy hero. Cyrano’s courage is almost teeming with reckless behavior, and his flashy bravery often sparks jealousy in those around him internally: And I offer one universal challenge to you all! Approach, young heroes—I will take yours names. Each in his turn—no crowding! One, two, three— Come, get your numbers—who will head the list— You sir? No—You? Ah, no. To the first man Who falls I’ll build a monument!... Not one? Will all who wish to die, please raise their hands? (27) Cyrano has the courage to readily challenge any man to a fight because not only does he have the brains and the wit, but he also has the skill and the ability to back those words of challenge. “Did you not ask, my dear, why against one singer they send one hundred swords? Because they know this one man for a friend of mine!” (56) This line in particular…

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  • Richard The Lionheart: An English Hero

    Richard was born on September 8th 1157 at Beaumont Palace in Oxford, England. He was the third of five sons of king Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Richard's father was an energetic and ruthless ruler, who managed to take control of large parts of Wales, the eastern half of Ireland and the western half of France (from Normandy to the Pyrenees, including, among others, the duchies of Gascony and Aquitaine, the counties of Anjou, Poitou, Maine and Touraine) , what would later come to…

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  • Hierosolymita Ekkehard Summary

    Lord and strive not for present but for future things, would, although only as an idle spectator yet a kindly well-wisher, exalt the glorious men of our time who have overcome the kingdoms of this world and who, for the sake of the blessed Shepherd who sought the hundredth sheep that was lost, have left wife and child, principalities and riches, and have taken their lives in their hands... The many peoples who took part in the First Crusade. [After Urban had aroused the spirits of all by the…

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  • Machiavelli's Ontological Position

    book explains the reality that is happening around him by exemplifying experiences from other places like France in the case of Chapter IV regarding Why the Kingdom of Darius, conquered by Alexander did not rebel against the successors of Alexander at his death. Two of many other exemplifications could be found in Chapter II, named Concerning Hereditary Principalities, where the author in comment says “we have in Italy, for example, the Duke of Ferrara, who could not have withstood the attacks…

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  • The Three Musketeers Analysis

    The Three Musketeers book has a lot of information about D’Artagnan. D’Artagnan was a poor man who left his house to become a Musketeer. He left Gascony go to Paris to make his fortune. He never married and he was a hot-headed, prideful and especially young man who never gave up on a fight. He had a problem with Stranger and Musketeers. He never asked people for help because he wanted to solve his own problems, no matter how dangerous the enemy was. He never surrendered. He fought until someone…

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  • Christian De Bergerac Character Analysis

    Christian and Cyrano represent the flip sides of a coin. In other words Cyrano represents complexity with his talent with words while Christian emerges more on the side of simplicity with his good looks. Resulting the coin being the perfect lover. But as the play progresses we notice somehow both of them show a balanced set of qualities. Christian de Neuvilette is an obstinate, physically strong, juvenile baron who just arrived from Gascony and is about to join the cadets. Christian’s main…

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  • King Henry 1 Research Paper

    beliefs of these men. However Henry II died before the conflict was over. So Richard was Inherited into the conflict. “The final few years of Henry’s reign up until his death in 1189, were tormented by disputes with his sons. He had fashioned a large empire and made England a powerful nation. Yet in the attempts of his sons to keep the Angevin Empire from being divided, they inadvertently began the process which tore it apart through their constant bickering. Henry died of disease on 6th July…

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