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  • Benefit Of College Essay

    There are three things that need to be known before deciding to go to college. Prospective students need to understand the benefits of college, cost of tuition, and life without a degree. BENEFITS OF COLLEGE The number one benefit of college is a higher potential in earnings. The amount of money you can make depends on what degree you earn. There are four degrees: associates, bachelors, masters, and PhD. Those with a PhD make about $100,000 more on their annual earnings than a diploma or GED.…

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  • Crime In My Community: A Community Analysis

    potential for severe punishment does not work to dissuade individuals, then it is obvious the problem and solution lies elsewhere. The problem lies in the environment, the social conditions, and the overall disadvantages of being poor. The economist Gary Becker of the University of Chicago argues, “crime is a rational act, committed when the criminal’s ‘expected utility’ exceeds that of using his time and other resources in pursuit of alternative activities, such as leisure or legitimate work”…

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  • Death Penalty: Take Away The Harm To Society

    Take Away the Harm to Society There has been constant debate when it comes to the topic of capital punishment, while some support it, others oppose it to be carried out. Arguments have been made as to whether or not it is humane or morally correct to execute murderers. Although this is the case, the number of individuals who approves of the death penalty outnumbers those who do not as a well-known public opinion poll company, Gallup Poll “finds 74% of Americans saying they favor the death…

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  • Rational Deterrence Theory

    I feel this way because by us being human beings we all want rewards and greater things in life. By the fact of rational choice being solemnly based on rewards outweighing the risks makes so much sense to me. According to Gary S. Becker offenders are like consumers, a consumer is in charge of how they spend their money and they base it off of benefits as well. Moreover, an individual is more likely to do something they probably should not be doing if they truly believe they will…

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  • Money Laundering Should Be Illegal

    Money laundering is the process of taking the proceeds of criminal activity and making them appear legal. Laundering allows criminals to transform illegally obtained funds and make them appear as seemingly legitimate funds. Those who commit the criminal activity may attempt to wire the money themselves, but a new class of criminals performs the laundering services to Organized Crime. This new class consists of lawyers, bankers, and accountants. It is a common question as to why criminals launder…

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  • Population In Australia Essay

    Introduction Are we too big? Can we cope with up to 38 million people? Good Morning Tony Abbott and ministers, in the next seven or so minutes, three new babies will be born, two people will pass away, and six people will migrate to Australia. Australia is experiencing a large population boom which can effect our economic prosperity, livability and environmental sustainability. If however managed adequately a growing population’s impacts can be reduced and possibly eliminated, thus providing a…

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  • Aging In Europe Causes And Effects Essay

    Aging of Europe : Causes and Effects Europeans are facing the graying of their populations and fertility rates below replacement rate. The elderly population grows while the working age populations is in decline. Immigration is low in most European countries. The demographic current trend of working population decrease may lead to reduction of productivity. The elderly population may led to the medical, pension, and social systems to become overwhelmed. The European Union has goals of full…

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  • The Prison Trap

    Links This article makes me think about how those in charge of the prison system control not only the lives of those who are incarcerated, but also those who must believe that people are being put in prison for good reasons. By giving people solutions to their problems, such as economic hardship, the prison industrial complex convinces people that they are out to help society and do what is right for everyone. The Prison Trap. This article was written by Sullivan and published in the…

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  • Why Does Crime Happen

    Ever look at crime and question if there is a specific pattern to how crime occurs? Thanks to past records and recent technology we can see that there are specific patterns in crime based on different variables. These variables can vary between the day of the week, time of day, weather patterns, and even the holidays just to name a few. The types of crimes can also change with the variables themselves. For example, violent and property crimes were significantly related to major holidays (Cohn, &…

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  • Gender Pay Research Paper

    during the 1950s believed that money is a common standard measure .[ Becker, Gary S.The Economics of Discrimination .Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1971.] From the point of view of money, it can be seen whether discrimination exists. Through a series of research, he found that the market staff can be divided into…

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