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  • Nike + Run Club Analysis

    Once basked in the Golden Age of Capitalism, the post-war Americans were caught unprepared when the world oil crisis hit. The following stagflation plagued the 1970s and pressured the Americans to resort to a different mentality in order to weather the economic trauma. It was apparent that in face of the global competition, survival and success required both mental and physical strength. This is when running, as an individual sport, took off—the people realised that only through the reignition…

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  • The Rise In Obesity Rate In America

    The Rise in Obesity Rate in America Look around you, if you are in a public place with other people around you then you are more than likely to see at least one person who is obese or on the verge of being obese. Obesity is now considered a disease in America by multiple healthcare professionals. Even with all the precautions and warnings given to Americans why is it that the obesity rate continues to rise? Does it have to do with the lack of exercise, poor eating habits, or factors that most…

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