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  • The Samurai's Garden Character Analysis

    people think of them, not their personality or their gestures. In the book The Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama, many characters recieve judgement from their peers; many times for circumstances beyond their control. Society takes hold on many of the characters causing them to focus on the way others view them and causes them to lose sight of themselves and give into society’s expectations. In the book, Matsu’s sister struggles with accepting herself after discovering leprosy on her own body because the Japanese culture did not accept her illness. She views her beauty and public image as the most important aspect of herself. “Tomoko had a spark which seemed to ignite everything she touched” (Tsukiyama 132). Tomoko’s personality lit up everyone and everything around her. She walked through the village with a carefree spirit. To the people around her they saw a beautiful,…

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  • Book Reports On Unbroken

    The three-time U.S. track and field Olympian, Gail Devers once stated, “Sometimes we fall, sometimes we stumble, but we can’t stay down. We can’t allow life to beat us down. Everything happens for a reason, and it builds character in us, and it tells us what we are about and how strong we really are when we didn’t think we could be that strong.” In the nonfiction book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, the courageous Louis Zamperini emulated with Devers words when, even in times of hopelessness…

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  • Dying Pros And Cons

    should they be worried about and what they should be looking forward to in their lives. Looking at this question and trying to answer it critically I think will keep the students alert and aware of their own ideas when engaging in the reading or the other materials from other sources. I think that once you understand your own thoughts and ideas of a subject you can fully embrace and incorporate your ideas into others. We are faced with many hardships in our lives, such as the ones that we are…

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  • An Analysis Of Ernest Krebs In A Sorrowful Woman

    In “Soldier’s Home” written by Ernest Hemingway, Harold Krebs, referred to as Krebs, is a young man who has just returned home from Germany where he served in the Army during World War I. However, his transition from a soldier of war to a citizen in his society proves to be harder than the people around him expect. In “A Sorrowful Woman” written by Gail Godwin, the woman is a wife and mother who falls ill and decides to keep herself away from both of them. Both Krebs and the woman display…

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  • How To Be Successful In Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken

    American Olympian, Gail Devers once said, “Sometimes we fall, sometimes we stumble, but we can’t stay down. We can allow life to beat us down. Everything happens for a reason, and it builds character in us, and it tells us what we are about and how strong we really are when we didn’t think we could be that strong.” In Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken, the determined Louis Zamperini proved Devers’ words. Although he returned home from war, bruised, broken, and mentally exhausted. If it wasn’t for…

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  • Adrea Grail Chapter Summaries

    about the life of fishing on the Andrea Gail, and how they have to catch sword fish. 4 The first part of the chapter talks about how the government had to limit the amount fishing boats can catch of sword fish, making them less available, and more expensive. The author also describes their living areas and their living conditions. The author talks about how they had to fix up the boat because of previous times, though it does the job, they have flooding issues. The crew starts to catch an insane…

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  • The Role Of Suicide In The Samurai's Garden

    In every part of The Samurai’s Garden someone lived with a disease whether it attacked the physical body or the emotional. The characteristics of all the diseases lead to the same ending. After contracting a disease people would wallow in sorrow and contemplate suicide because of “honor” and society’s views. If suicide did not happen the people with diseases must then live in isolation from the real world. This is not the end though, after someone contracts a disease life still goes on and he…

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  • Comparison Of Trust In Night And The Samurai's Garden

    Lost of trust is a great tool when finding the people we need in our life. We find with it that not everyone we trust is to have that trust. Elie and Stephen find out that a lot of what they trust in the beginning are things that they shouldn’t trust entirely. Elie from Night by Elie Wiesel and Stephen from The Samurai’s Garden by Gail Tsukiyama experience so many times of having to lose trust in someone so they can have a better outcome in a situation. When Stephen’s mom tells him that his…

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  • Water Symbolism In Literature

    can mean completely opposite things. Water symbolizes life and death as seen in Gail Tsukiyama’s The Samurai’s Garden, and The Bible. To characters like Stephen and Sachi, water represents life and hope in times of struggling. In The Samurai’s Garden, Stephen is an 20 year old Chinese man with tuberculosis. When Stephen goes down to the beach and dives into the ocean, he can temporarily forget his illness and feel completely alive. Here, water is viewed in a more positive sense as a source and…

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  • The Tragedies Of Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    secured minds is fascinating, this idea is intriguing because most individuals would not value the idea of love as something significant. This current generation misunderstand the idea of love or being in love, people are so confounded by the ideas that love is a commitment similarly to life and death. Individuals today make love sound so trivial and can never grasp the concept of what actual love is, they are intoxicated about the idea of being in love that it blinds them to accept the hard…

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