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  • Burn Girl Analysis

    Burn Girl is Arlie’s story. She is sixteen-years-old and, at the start of the book, is living with her addict mother in Colorado. The story starts of instantly with the night of her mother’s death, which makes sense considering it is the catalyst that starts it all. Her Uncle moves up to Colorado when he learns about Arlie, and from then on, the past refuses to stay buried and it becomes complete and utter chaos. I loved Arlie’s character. She was strong and loyal to her friend and her family…

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  • Mark Antony's Use Of Ethos In Julius Caesar

    engage the audience’s logic or reasoning. These methods of writing can be found in the funeral speeches of Mark Antony, who had the most effective speech, and Marcus Brutus, who had a mediocre and schlocky speech. Everyone has some sense of right and wrong, whether it is based on the Bible or society. Both Marcus Brutus and Mark Antony take advantage of this when they are giving their speech at Caesar’s funeral. Brutus was a well-known and respected man in that society, and people are more…

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  • Hamlet's Story: Sanity And Insanity

    accepts the challenge. Laertes has a hatred towards Hamlet. Laertes seeks revenge of Polonius’ Murderer (“Hamlet” Encyclopedia 2). Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius thinking it was Claudius. Laertes, who has been studying Paris, returns for his sister funeral. In the process of his sisters burial, the two jump in her grave and fought about who the real hero is. Since then, Laertes seeks to kill Hamlet and never forgive him. Hamlet and Laertes begin to duel, and Hamlet has been struck by the…

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  • Organ Donation Ethics Essay

    Organ donation has been an ethical debate for a long time. Organ donation is a process of giving away your organs to another person in need by an organ transplant. An organ transplant is an operation that puts a healthy organ from your body into another person’s body. One donor can save as many as 50 people. The organs that can be donated include the internal organs like the kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines and other organs like the skin, bone, bone marrow, cornea and many tissues.…

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  • How Is Nick Decent In The Great Gatsby

    day of Gatsby 's funeral turned to be a disaster for Nick who was been impatient and wondering why no one turned up to Gatsby 's funeral. "The minister glanced several times at his watch, so I took him aside and asked him to wait for half an hour, but it wasn 't any use nobody came" Everyone was on the Gatsby bandwagon when he was providing weekly parties filled with rich people and alcohol, but when all this came crashing down who was there to stand by Gatsby, or organise his funeral or even to…

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  • The Great Gatsby And Myrtle's Relationship

    While Jay Gatsby was living the American dream he was being used and lied to. His death was in vain and no one respected him in the end, as only 3 people attended his funeral. All he wanted was his one true love, Daisy and she betrayed him. There was no amount of money that could make him as happy as Daisy did, yet he spent most of his life focused on money and materialistic things. As I read The Great Gatsby I began…

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  • Essay On Loss In My Life

    old at the time and I don’t remember much as far as actually getting the news that she died, but what I do vividly remember was a little bit of the viewing and most of the funeral. The one thing that I can recall about the viewing was that it was hectic with my one of my aunts and my grandfather making the most noise. The funeral on the other hand was when the reality of it all sort of hit…

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  • Head Heart Lydia Davis Analysis

    The poem “Head, Heart” by Lydia Davis is short, but has a very powerful message. To me, the author is speaking of a broken heart story. An issue that a lot of people my age struggle with. The main thing that pointed this out to me was the name of the poem, “Head, Heart.” These two things are what people turn to when they struggle with decisions about a relationship. The struggle is that people do not know whether to turn to their heart or to use their head. To me, this poem was about the steps…

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  • Brave By Annemarie Johansen

    Annemarie Johansen is a young girl who hangs out with her friend Ellen and takes care of her little sister Kirsti. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, during World War II. Copenhagen used to be peaceful, but now it's full of enemy soldiers. The Nazis have come into Denmark from Germany and are slowly forcing the Danish people to do what they say. Annemarie is a friendly young lady, and sees how life has changed since the Nazis came along. Actually, Annemarie's older sister Lise died around the…

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  • Compare Pliny's Letters To The People

    hurried to the place which everyone else was hastily leaving, steering his course straight for the danger zone. He was entirely fearless, describing each new movement and phase of the portent to be noted down exactly as he observed them.” In Pericles's funeral Oration he reminds the people of how powerful Athens is to try to spark some patriotism in his people by saying “Our love of what is beautiful does not lead to extravagance; our love of the things of the mind does not make s soft. We…

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