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  • The Importance Of Polls

    Polling Polls give a trainer or instructor the opportunity to ask survey questions in real time to students. Questions can be multiple choice, multiple answer, and even in some programs, open ended. Poll questions have to be initially created and then administered during the class. Creating a poll entails typing in the question and receiving all possible responses. In poll administration, one has to ensure that the poll is shared at the correct time, it is opened for responses, the response…

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  • A Reflective Account Of Culture Shock

    Usman Hameed Ullah Mr. Ko, Paul Social and Cultural Anthropology HSP3U7 October 19th, 2017 Culture Shock: A personal account My first encounter with culture shock occurred when I immigrated to Canada. This was back in August of 2014 and I was just under thirteen years of age. When my plane finally landed in Toronto, I was completely over the moon with everything. This concept of a ‘whole new world’ had revolved in my mind for at least seven months now. Full of adrenaline, I took in the fact…

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  • Gender Norms Influence On Family Roles

    Throughout the years society has had a large role in gender norms and their influences on family roles. They have impacted the ways in which families function on a daily basis. But what if a family only has one parent; do gender norms extend to them? Yes. It is common to see gender norms within single parent families in society. Gender norms expect women to stay at home and men to go out into the workplace as stated above, but these gender norms are slowly starting to shift due to the fact that…

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  • In Defense Of Television

    less sleep, more anxiety, and worsening depression. A second argument in favor of television is the argument that it can be educational. While this may be true to an extent, the viewer must be careful to check the validity of facts in a television programs. Many educational T.V shows may be basing their information un-objectively towards a certain point of view or belief, and may distort facts presented on television. Televised presidential debates are a great example of presentation in…

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  • TV Sitcom Triggered The Downfall Of Western Civilization Analysis

    How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization - David Hopkins We live in a problematic society that is highly accompanied by technology. The digital world of social media, television and internet has resulted in a decreased capability and inclination to individualized thinking and reflection. According to David Hopkin’s article, “How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization”, written on 22th March 2015, the world is profoundly marked by stupidity, and the root…

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  • Object Analysis Of My Blankets In Native American Culture

    Brennan Blue ENGL 1001 sec 82 9/13/17 Object Analysis Finale Draft Audience: ENGL 1001 Purpose: to explore the “hidden life” of your object “from all sorts of personal, philosophical, scientific, and historic angles” (Szilagyi) among others and to ultimately make an overall point about your object. Titlehttp://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/family-watching-television-together-royalty-free-image/503847027?esource=SEO_GIS_CDN_Redirect What My Blanket Means To Me Blankets can mean many…

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  • People Vs Advertisements Essay

    People Vs. Advertisements Many people will go to the store and look for items to buy that have been seen on T.V all around the world, but What do these advertisements really mean? How do advertisements create an image for men, women or even children? What does it represent? Knowing it reflects the fears that have proven the insecurities of being constantly told in advertisements, how men and women should be and occasionally being scammed into buying these products that also may not even work…

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  • The Bachelor Reality TV Program Analysis

    than ever.”(Network Ten, 2014)- more like sizzling script, hyped emotions, emphasised heartbreak and forced signs of lust for money. The Bachelor is a romance based reality television program intended on giving single people the chance to find love- or more commonly, some mild celebrity. Reality television programs based on romance have been around since 1965 when The Dating Game first debuted (IMDb, 2011), but only really leaped in popularity in 2002 with the first season of the Bachelor. I…

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  • Kid Of The 90s Kid Research Paper

    Hilarious. With the mobility of smartphones and tablets I can watch my shows in any room of the house and at any time; while lying in bed, on a work break, or even while getting my nails and hair did. Now-a-days, I am able to watch a much lwider array of programs by using Netflix or Hulu, while cable TV is somewhat…

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  • Say Yes To The Dress Sociological Analysis

    According to the Television History Network, 99% of homes in America have at least one television set, and 66% have at least three. In this day and age, it is nearly impossible to not watch at least one TV show television. Television programs are flooded with advertisements, media and instant news. Although it might not be obvious, television has a large influence on our lives and on society as a whole. It seems anywhere we go and anything we do television’s influence is inescapable. For my…

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