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  • Jesus Shaves

    Interpreter of Maladies and Jesus Shaves The setting between Interpreter of Maladies and Jesus shaves are two completely different things. The Interpreter of Maladies is told in third person point of view and is about an Indian-American family who is on vacation in India. The father hires Mr. Kapasi to drive them to see the Sun Temple. However; Jesus Shaves is a story told is first person point of view by an American student in French class. Jesus Shaves goes into depth on several views on…

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  • Friday Fillip Short Story

    On friday fillip was sent to the office once again and was met by Mr. Pearl and Mr. Lewis. They told fill that because of his excellent work he was allowed to play at the football game that night. they told fill that from then on as long as he passed his tests…

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  • Black Friday: The New Deal

    Beginning on December 29th, 1929, also known as Black Friday, the stock market on Wall Street crashed. This marked the onset of the Great Depression, the greatest economy downfall in United States history. For the beginning years of the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover was the President, but he did not put forth a large enough effort to help the American people get out of the turmoil that was created. Up until the election of 1933 where Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, took the office from Hoover…

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  • Comparing The Lottery 'And One Friday Morning'

    Both “The Lottery”, and “One Friday Morning” are great and developed stories. “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson shows suspense, and a great use of imagery. But overall, “One Friday Morning” by Langston Hughes is the best choice and should be chosen for the 1940’s unit because of the character development, and the breathtaking symbolism. The first reason why “One Friday Morning” should be a part of the 1940’s unit is because of the character development in Nancy Lee. Langston Hughes gives depth…

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  • Excessive Consumerism In Black Friday

    During Black Friday, consumers topple over each other as they crowd into Best Buy to get the latest and best steals for the holiday season. Some leave the store with a copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare while others exit with an iPad Air for their daughter, an iMac for family use, and an iPhone 6 for themselves, even though they leased a Chevy Volt the prior week. In truth, these consumers did not need most of the products in their Best Buy blue shopping cart. Yet, many consumers…

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  • Freaky Fridays Dance Concert Report

    The Freaky Fridays Dance Concert by Clayton Productions was an awesome show. It was a well preformed show with good music, costumes, lighting, and dancers. The show was very freaky and spooky. The dancers in the show all wore torn, ragged costumes and dark make-up around their eyes and light foundation to make themselves look like zombies. I think this was very effective. The dancers looked spooky, creepy, and frightening. Everyone in the show stayed silent unless they were singing, growling,…

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  • Isaac Bashevis Singer's Short Friday

    Isaac Bashevis Singer is a distinguished, highly renowned Jewish writer. Singer writes about meaningful Jewish practices, such as observing the Sabbath, going to synagogue, and keeping a Jewish home. These are stories in which G-d’s presence is truly felt by the reader and there is no doubt surrounding if the characters live their own interpretation of a religious life. In three of Singer’s most prominent work’s, G-d’s name is never mentioned: an observation too compelling to be surmised as…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's Friday Night

    It’s friday morning in chemistry class. Everyone is talking about the party for tomorrow night. It was a celebration for all the seniors for graduation, and all the juniors were invited to attend and everyone at the whole school was going to be there. My friend and I were ready for this party. We have never been to a party before so we thought we can go because we don’t wanna be left out and we also don’t want no one to tell us anything for not going to this huge party. The next day, me and…

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  • Albatross In The Red Sky On Friday Analysis

    The Highs and Lows of “Albatross in the Red Sky on Friday: Does Irrational Superstition on the Great Lakes Make a Difference?” Bowling Green State University, Firelands Campus student Sara E. Cordle wrote an in-depth essay entitled; “Albatross in The Red Sky; Does Irrational Superstition on The Great Lakes Make a Difference?, explaining how the maritime superstitions had a major impact on the seamen of the Great Lakes. The author states how these superstitions can affect the seamen…

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  • The Hollywood Black Friday Protest Of 1945

    Hollywood Black Friday Strike of 1945 During the 1900s, one of the most violent strikes in the Hollywood history took place. On October 5, 1945, hundreds of strikers protested outside of Warner Brothers gates. Around three-hundred police officers were deployed to calm the protesters which resulted in 40 injuries. Fortunately no fatalities were reported. This event was especially controversial because it brought into view a lot of the corruption and bribery going on in Hollywood during that time…

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